VdeVillano New Online Magazine Launched

Press Release

Miguel Angel is pleased to announce the launch of VdeVillano.com, a new online magazine in Spain. The article line-up includes many categories of interest to the widest possible audience of readers. Readers can explore articles on the topics of sports, film and television, travel, education, finance, motor, technology and health, as well as others. The articles are being posted but there is not content in each of the categories yet. There is enough variety and depth of discussion that readers are sure to find a topic of interest.

Deep articles are available for those who are interested in a substantial treatment of a particular subject. There are technical articles about devices and how they are rated and ranked in the marketplace. One current article on the website deals with slang expressions and how a literal parsing of the words may not make much sense, Every language has phrases which are meaningless in the details, but understood in context. Since the language is Spanish, the fine points of the language topic may lose something in the translation to another patois.

For a detailed article on grammatical issues in the language to exist in the same list of topics as planning a trip to London is an indication of the width of the subject matter found in the site. There is material which is of interest to a wide audience of readers. The topics are covered in a manner that is more substantial than headline news found in large number of online magazines and news sites.

The subject matter includes some images, but is more directed toward text than pictures. Pictures of options in men’s suits is an example where the writing describes and wraps around the images. This practice improves understanding and helps to brighten the textual material which is presented. In either case, readers can easily dip into the magazine contents for interesting and informative articles.