Wave The Water Describes Water pH

Press Release

Offering verifiable facts about the importance of the water necessary for optimum health is the focus of the Wave the Water website. Studies have been done about the effects of alkaline water and acidic water. The discussion points out the various characteristics of drinking water for its health benefits. The pH level of the foods which are commonly consumed is another factor that affects the alkalinity or acidic levels of the water which is consumed. The water which is ingested or applied to the skin affects health, fitness, age mental clarity, sleep and more.

Everyone on the planet requires water to drink and many question whether tap water or bottled water should be consumer. The pH value of water varies significantly from one area to the next. Many municipalities filter or chlorinate their water supply. Some locations have a high mineral content which can affect the taste, as well as the way it affects the body.

Today’s medical achievements are amazing, but there are still studies ongoing about the links between water and health. Many researchers believe that the water which people drink and use for bathing and cooking has an effect on overall health in more ways than was previously thought. Studies about pure water and mineral water are about finding out more facts. The website is one which presents the facts as they become known.

Pure water has a pH value of around 7.0. If the value is less, the water is deemed acidic. If the pH is higher, the water is more alkaline. The body is known to function better when it is alkaline. When the pH value gravitates toward acidic, many health may problems arise. Some of the more common are weight gain, obesity, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney stones, arthritis, and osteoporosis. Water that is acidic if ingested is corrosive. It is best avoided. Drinking water for pets should also be more alkaline. Alkaline water which is safe for drinking has a pH between 8 and 9.5.