Your Coloring Book Club Mix Fun & Love with Exclusive Mother’s Day Special

Press Release

Coloring books are a great way this season to tap into creative and meditative energies, and a fun and inspiring gift for mothers.

Come Sunday this May 8 many mothers and grandmothers will receive surprising gifts from their loved ones. While tulips, photo frames and silver necklaces entice everyone, a creative expression of love is now easily at hand. Your Coloring Book Club, an online membership club for enthusiasts of coloring books, is offering an exclusive Mother’s Day Special Package of advanced coloring books at steep discounts for one whole year.

Coloring books might appear to be meant for kids, but creative activities are timeless and defy age. For adults, coloring patterns are carefully traced designs and infuses the artist with a burst of creative energy that is associated with colors and the back-and-fort movement of the hand. Whether a realist or surrealist, the user can approach the black & white coloring sheets as they wish, resulting in their own unique artistic creation.

The benefits of coloring are more and more being realized. Apart from clearing and calming the mind, they bring relief from stress, boost creativity, create a meditative effect, exercise motor skills, and create a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.

Your Coloring Book Club offers members two coloring books to download at a monthly fee: A Starter Package with 10 coloring pages and an Advanced Package with 25 coloring pages. It’s easy to subscribe online, and the patterns come in a range of topics, themes and stiles. Targeted at different artistic skill levels, the books can be downloaded any number of times. The user can proceed at their own convenience and take high quality print outs including card stock. The coloring book membership can be gifted to anyone and makes for an ideal creative gift.

“More and more adults and children alike are discovering the power of coloring every day. This inspired us to come out with a Mother’s Day Special Package. I am sure everyone will love the intricate images, mandalas and unique patterns with diverse themes and varying difficulty levels. Coloring is creative, fun, and allows us to tap into the creative and meditative powers of our mind,” said Celeste von Albrecht, founder of Your Coloring Book Club.

The club membership is open to everyone and includes gift card options. Members also receive access to an exclusive group on Facebook, where coloring enthusiasts connect with other hobbyists around the world.

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