Winnipeg businesses turn dog poop into cash


WINNIPEG — When this time of year brings melting snow and ice, dog owners can be left with quite a mess in their yard.However, a couple of businesses in Winnipeg are turning all that brown into green.The Poo Crew travels to homes in Winnipeg and surrounding areas to scoop it up.“It’s a great job, you get to be outside, you get to see dogs, you get to meet people and we’re just providing a service for people like no other,” owner Daniel Diment said.
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Diment has been running the business in Winnipeg since he moved here over a year ago. But he had been operating the Poo Crew in Regina for years before that.He works all year long but says the spring thaw is his busiest time of year and he already has hundreds of appointments booked.Business is booming for Scoopy Doo as well.They’ve been scooping dog poop in Winnipeg for the last 20 years.“We have about ten crews or more depending on the type of year it is and we get out there and we’re doing yards day after day seven days a week until the jobs are done,” owner Tracy Jordan said.“A lot of us just don’t get around to getting it cleaned up and a lot of people who just can’t so it’s left all winter so we come in and clean up the winter’s worth of waste,” she continued.

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