Women fight off and chase down would-be carjacker with toddler in back seat


Two women in Deltona, FL were having none of a would-be carjacking, even with a gun pointed at one of the pair’s 2-year-old granddaughter.“I flipped, I went crazy, look what I did,” said Maggie Mejias, who was with her friend in a vehicle in a grocery store parking lot when a man got in and pointed a gun at them just before noon on Friday.The man demanded Mejias’ purse as he aimed the gun at her head, she said. Story continues below


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“He has a gun to my head so he told me: ‘give me your purse! give me your purse!’ and he started cursing so I said No!” Mejias exclaimed to WESH News.The man then trained the gun on Mejias’ granddaughter, who was also in the vehicle.Mejias said she then wrestled with the man over the firearm.“He caught the wrong girls at the wrong time,” stated Lisa Perez, who helped her friend fight off the would-be robber.With the women fighting back, the man took off into a getaway vehicle with two others. The agitated women then decided to pursue the men, calling police on the way.Mejias caught up and rammed their vehicle, forcing all three men to flee into the nearby woods.Eventually all three suspects were captured.“I am happy. Less trash in the street,” Mejias said.