‘Debris found in Moz consistent with MH370 modelling’


Debris that washed up in Mozambique has been tentatively identified as a part from the same type of aircraft as the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, a USA official said.

With authorities unable to find the plane and its “black box” flight data and cockpit voice recorders, investigators are no closer than they were two years ago to discovering the cause MH370’s disappearance.
A tweet by Malaysian transport minister Liow Tiong Lai said the early reports have indicated a high possibility of these debris belonging to Boeing 777, the same model MH370 was.
The Boeing 777 flew far off course for unknown reasons after leaving Kuala Lumpur for Beijing on March 8, 2014.
A wing part recovered from Reunion island off Madagascar previous year is the only debris from MH370 that has been found, but it offers little clues over what actually happened to the plane.
Families have begun filing a slew of lawsuits against the struggling carrier and the government in US, Malaysian, Chinese and Australian courts ahead of next week’s two-year anniversary, which also is the deadline for launching legal action against the airline.
But he confirmed that the debris would be brought to Australia for analysis, although he could not give a projected date.
A metre-long sheet found washed up on a beach in the African nation of Mozambique on Thursday will be sent to Australia where aviation officials will examine it to see if it is from MH370. The search has turned up some aircraft debris, but also some false leads.
“At the very least, the 14 countries whose nationals were on board MH370 owe a contribution”, Noting that what it was seeking was not the norm in the industry, Voice370 said that it is not “out of place to seek non-standard initiatives and contributions from Malaysia and the global community” for an incident that has been repeatedly labelled as unprecedented.
The Australian Transport Safety Bureau, which is running the search for the plane in remote waters off Australia’s west coast, said the part is expected to be transported to Australia for examination.
Australia, which has been leading search operations in the southern Indian Ocean, did not comment on Wednesday about the newly discovered debris. Officials from Australia, China and Malaysia agree to double the primary search area after a sweep of most of the initial area nears completion. “But I can’t confirm anything now because we need to verify the debris”, he added. If no “credible new information” about the jet’s location emerges, the search will simply end.
An aviation source said there was no record of any Boeing 777 missing other than Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.
“The families and friends of passengers on board MH370 have endured a long wait of two years for reliable news on the whereabouts of MH370 and the fate of our loved ones on board”, the group said, calling for funds and for the search to continue.
“The main piece of missing evidence to solve this mystery is the aircraft itself, which is why we’ve focused so much effort on the search and on finding it”, said Dolan.
“I’m not surprised that he pursued this mysterious disappearance of the plane”, said Vladimir Gololobov, who described his friend as eccentric, bright and kind.