Gigi Hadid Is All of Us in This Adorable Childhood Throwback Photo


One of these photos is not like the other!

Fans are accusing Vogue China of Photoshopping Gigi Hadid’s moles and beauty marks out of her cover photo.
And it’s been reported Gigi is a tad jealous of Perrie, even though she’s the one Zayn is gushing about and the singer has moved on.
Millie Mackintosh really wants Gigi Hadid to wear some of her designs as she thinks she has an incredible body and great fashion sense. Cosmopolitan points out that China is “known for favoring pale, polished complexions”, but as a model who is known for her typically sun-kissed complexion and unique beauty marks, it seems unusual that they would Photoshop the image this much.
Fans didn’t waste any time calling out the Photoshopping in the comments, saying things like, “They edit you too much, your gorgeous birth marks and all”, “Wow, they totally covered up all your beauty marks on your stomach”, and, “This is so airbrushed that her moles aren’t even showing”.
“For Sports Illustrated, it’s one that I don’t necessarily buckle down…” “WHY WOULD YOU PHOTOSHOP THAT”, another added.
Hadid took to Instagram yesterday evening to post a childhood snap of herself, and it is so cute we want to reach through our screens and pinch her cheeks.
Why, oh why, would anyone want/need to photoshop someone as handsome as Gigi Hadid, (or anyone for that matter)?
“Yes, I have boobs, I have abs, I have a butt, I have thighs, but I’m not asking for special treatment”, Gigi Hadid continued in the inspiring body confidence post she shared previous year, telling her followers that “your mean comments don’t make me want to change my body”.