GOP senator: Federal aid not needed in Flint water crisis


But relatively few — 21 percent — say they’re paying close attention to news about the situation in Flint; 38 percent say they’re following somewhat closely and 38 percent aren’t following closely.

LeeAnne Walters, the Flint mother who defied the lies and intimidation of state and local officials to help bring to light the lead poisoning of Flint’s water, has initiated a lawsuit against companies and individuals she accuses of bearing responsibility for poisoning her children.
The contamination stemmed from a 2014 decision to switch the town’s water source to the Flint River, which has water that corroded the town’s pipes and leached lead into the water.
Other DEQ shortcomings it noted included a failure to ensure that Flint drew enough water samples for testing from high-risk homes with lead pipes or fixtures.
On Thursday, a crew dug up a service line leading to a Flint home as part of a separate effort funded by group of private, charitable, business and community groups.
Corrosive water from the Flint River was leaching lead from old plumbing for more than a year. More than half of Americans worry that Flint’s water crisis is a bellwether for bad water, according to a poll by the Associated Press/GfK, and only one in three are willing to drink water straight from the tap. As soon as she got back, she started raising more money (she now has a GoFundMe page) and started filling a bigger truck.
During a press conference outside the home, Mayor Weaver called on Gov. Rick Snyder to encourage GOP leaders in the Michigan Legislature to quickly approve $25 million for the first phase of the $55 million Fast Start plan. “Reprioritizing and accelerating lead pipe replacement would add significant additional capital needs to the sector and could compete with other critical infrastructure projects, including developing sufficient long-term water supplies and replacing aging infrastructure components other than lead lines”.
Lawyers in two cases say they’re seeking multimillion-dollar awards. Weaver says the state could pay for the rest using its “rainy day” fund.
“The Snyder administration effectively put a financial gun to the heads of Flint’s families by using the emergency manager law to lock the city into taking water from a poisoned source“, party Chairman Brandon Dillon said.
Fifty miles to the west, Lansing has a similar demographic to Flint, and has become a national model for proactive lead pipe replacement.
“There’s that psychological association that we can’t get around, and in order for us to build trust back in the government, and trust back in the water, we’ve got to have new pipes”, she said.
While people at the state level have been expressing their concern and working to fix the problem, that’s of little comfort to Vernon and others like her who can’t use their water. I will say I give the Governor credit.