Rubio: Conservative movement cannot be hijacked


“We are going to unify our country”.

Debate ratings: Fox News drew the highest ratings for a Republican debate since December, with 16.9 million viewers tuning in Thursday night.
Given that, Dippel said he thinks the establishment “will change their target audience – or at least I hope they would”. “He always looks out for what’s best for Trump”. “You have to be able to have some flexibility, some negotiation”.
In a shot at rival Donald Trump, Rubio said that young Americans have the chance to become the next Greatest Generation, but they “won’t have the chance if the conservative movement is hijacked by someone who is not a conservative”. “Then he’s got to spill the beans”, he said.
“The scream you hear – the howl that comes from Washington, DC – is utter terror at what we the people are doing together”, he said, adding that conservatives are “coming together… and standing as one behind this campaign”.
Still, some members of Romney’s vast donor network said they were ready should he reconsider. “That is not Tea Party”, Martin said.
Are the Republican Party bosses about to come down HARD on him – and will missing CPAC cost him support in the minds of voters who want a conservative candidate?!
In one particularly sharp exchange, Rubio renewed his criticisms of Trump University, which charged students $1,495 each for seminars that would teach them the billionaire’s secrets to making it big in real estate. Many encouraged the people assembled here at a sprawling conference center on the banks of the Potomac River to force party leaders to listen to their message of limited government and uncompromising conservative ideals. His statement attenuated earlier comments that he would revive waterboarding in interrogations – which is now illegal – and “a lot worse”, and that he would target the wives and children of suspected extremists.
Despite the softened tone on some issues, though, Trump is still Trump.
“It’s not enough to say, ‘Vote for me because I am angrier and over the top and am going to do and say things no one is going to do, ‘” he told conservatives at the conference that Trump had skipped. Rand Paul, a libertarian favorite who dropped out of the presidential race last month.
The conference’s official Twitter account expressed their disappointment and said the snub was an affront to conservatives.
Trump showed no mercy for his critics when he spoke at the Detroit-area rally. Marco Rubio – in his remarks to the annual winter gathering of the most passionate conservatives.