Trump thumped in Kansa, Maine as Ted Cruz fights back


As for Trump, Berry said, “he is a little too narcissistic”.

Kansas voters embraced challengers in presidential caucuses on Saturday, giving Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders big victories to boost their campaigns against Republican front-runner Donald Trump and Democratic leader Hillary Clinton.
Both Cruz and Sanders won by 2-to-1 margins over Trump and Clinton, with Rubio a distant third in the Republican count.
Polling in most of Saturday’s contests has been sketchy, though on the Republican side, Trump has led most of the surveys that do exist and has undeniable momentum after Super Tuesday.
“I think what it represents is Republicans coalescing and saying it would be a disaster for Donald Trump to be our nominee”, said Cruz, adding that he will be campaigning vigorously in Florida. “The Republicans are eating their own, they’ve got to be very careful”. She continued, “If we resist the forces trying to drive us apart, we can come together to make this country work for everyone”.
It was anger that propelled many of Trump’s voters to the polls.
Opinion polls suggest she has strong support in Louisiana among black voters but analysts say the race between Mrs Clinton and Mr Sanders may be close in other states on Saturday.
The brash and polarizing billionaire has won 10 of the 15 states that have voted so far ahead of the party’s national convention in the summer.
Cruz was on better ground after wins in Oklahoma and his home state of Texas, where he asked Rubio – without naming him – and his supporters to unite behind Cruz as the campaign moves forward.
Republican Marco Rubio campaigned Saturday in home-state Florida, which holds a March 15 primary crucial to his hopes. If Sanders and Clinton had exactly equal amounts of support among all Democratic primary voters in America, what would the race look like right now? All states in the Democratic race award their delegates proportionally, meaning Clinton can keep piling up delegates even in states she loses.
Tara Evans, a 52-year-old quilt maker from Bellevue, Nebraska, said she was caucusing for Clinton, and happy to know that the former first lady could bring her husband back to the White House.
“The scream you hear, the howl that comes from Washington, D.C., is utter terror at what “We the People” are doing together”, Cruz told supporters in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, after his win in Kansas.
As of 11 p.m., Trump won 13 delegates, Cruz won 13 delegates, Sen. Both Florida and OH use a winner-take-all method to allocate delegates, making the stakes in those two states particularly high. There are 35 states yet to vote, and Sanders continues to draw large crowds, including more than 7,000 fans in Grand Prairie on Saturday.
With the GOP race in chaos, establishment figures frantically are looking for any way to stop Trump, perhaps at a contested convention if none of the candidates can roll up the 1,237 delegates needed to snag the nomination.
Rubio, a frequent target of Trump’s attacks, also told Bash he “didn’t get into this race to beat up on other candidates”. But he wasn’t biting.
Rubio, for his part, has had no qualms denouncing Trump as a fraud and a “con artist”. At a later rally in Jacksonville, Florida, he pleaded for support from the same city “that believed in me” in his Senate race. Do it today. Do it tomorrow…. Trump, still the front-runner in the hunt for delegates, bagged Louisiana and Kentucky. Baier noted that Gov. John Kasich claims Rubio’s presence is hurting Kasich.
The weekend contests are divvying up 175 delegates among the Republican candidates and 134 delegates between Clinton and Sanders.
Clinton met with about 20 African-American ministers in Detroit and said “the future” of the Supreme Court was on the ballot in November’s general election.