Winchester-area politicians weigh in on Primary Election results


Sanders, an independent senator who is running for the Democratic nomination, was projected as the victor of his home state of Vermont shortly after polls closed there.

According to the Super Tuesday exit polls, Democratic voters were more likely to want a continuation of Obama’s policies than switch to more liberal policies in eight of nine states where surveys were conducted. She beat Sanders by 31 points among urban voters in the Lone Star State. She also took shots at Donald Trump – who had his own big victories Tuesday – while decrying broader tone of the GOP race.
With Super Tuesday behind us, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton appear to be extremely strong contenders for their parties’ respective nominations – but the race isn’t over yet. He’s seeking to stay competitive in the delegate count and hoping to pull off a win in his home state of Florida on March 15.
The former secretary of state continued to dominate the race as she claimed victories in seven states on Super Tuesday.
As early as 7 p.m., CNN and the Associated Press called Georgia and Virginia as victories for Hillary Clinton.
Sanders won in Vermont, Oklahoma, Colorado and Minnesota.
Sanders recounted the four primaries and caucuses in which he prevailed, including in his home state of Vermont.
Galvin said Bill Clinton also created a traffic jam outside a New Bedford polling location later in the day when he addressed voters on the street – but voters still were able to cast ballots. About one in three Massachusetts Republican voters identified the economy as the most important issue and among them, Trump led slightly, with Rubio second.
Clinton now has a 200-pledged delegate lead over Sanders.
Six in 10 voters in Southern states said Clinton’s positions on the issues are about right, compared with four in 10 for Sanders.
Sanders often mentions on the campaign trail that polls have shown him performing better than Clinton against Republicans. It is nice that Ted Cruz managed to win a few states, including Texas (at least we can say we didn’t go for Trump), but it is not going to be enough.
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Forty-two percent of Republican primary voters said they made their decisions over a month ago.
Most Democratic voters want someone with political experience. Sanders said to loud cheers.
The Republican Alabama primary results were a disappointment for Marco Rubio, who campaigned aggressively in the state last week in attempts to unseat Trump.
Clinton was boosted in Virginia by strong support from women and the vast majority of voters polled who said they preferred experience in politics over an outsider.
William Bristow, a student in the College of Arts and Sciences and president of the Cornell Democrats says he doesn’t approve of Republican campaign tactics.