Afghan President vows need of cooperation between Afghanistan and Pakistan


However, Ghani said that it is not a civil war in Afghanistan, Afghans are all brothers, and it is “indeed imposed war”. The group, which was ousted from power in a US-led military intervention in 2001, has been waging a violent insurgency to topple the Western-backed Afghan government and reestablish a fundamentalist Islamic regime.

“As Pakistan has agreed to host the direct talks, it should extend invitations to all the groups”, Afghan diplomatic sources told The Express Tribune.
“We can say with pride that today Afghanistan is the only nation where Daesh (Arabic acronym for IS) is on the run”.
The Taliban’s inflexibility on dialogue can cause problems for Pakistan.
Ahmad Chaudhry, head of Pakistani delegations, (R) listens during a meeting in Kabul, Afghanistan February 23, 2016.
An HeI source said the group’s leaders had not never rejected dialogue during a series of discussions, but would participate only if formally invited.
Bygone the days when Afghan Taliban were in the pockets of Foreign Office of Pakistan.
United States, China, Pakistan and Afghanistan are trying to hold peace talks with Taliban when they are in action to gain grounds while Russian Federation has also contacted Taliban leadership suggesting them to give a chance to peace but Taliban are not ready for negotiation unless United States leaves Afghan soil or at least stop carrying out airstrikes and night raids on residential compounds.
“We are determined to achieve peace, lasting peace in our country and would spare no efforts to achieve the noble objective”, Ghani said. That has been our national approach.
“We want peace and no one should doubt our intention. We have a strong resolve for peace and we have not given up this policy even though the environment has been sensitive and fighting has continued”.
The Taliban’s rejection of the peace talks has put the member countries of the QCG in a hard position, as the quartet had agreed to take action against “irreconcilable” elements.
A quadrilateral meeting is expected to be held soon to review the situation arising after the Taliban refusal, amid concerns in Afghanistan about possible intensification of fighting as weather warms.
The Afghan president warned that his country’s security and defense forces would continue to fight all those opposing the peace efforts.
This comes as President Ghani said Sunday that the militant groups should choose between peace and violence, during his speech at the inauguration of the new session of the parliament.
In a statement posted on the insurgents’ website, the Taliban denied that a representative would attend the talks.
Diplomatic circles in Kabul believe that Taliban will not sit on negotiating table unless they finish ongoing onslaught on Afghan security agencies and gain maximum grounds before America is compelled to send more troops back to Afghanistan.
The president pleaded for better relations with Pakistan.
The Pentagon announced last month that hundreds of U.S. Army soldiers will be deployed to Afghanistan’s volatile Helmand province to protect U.S. Special Operations forces operating in the area.