Check out previously unseen footage of Conor McGregor’s final pre-UFC bout


Come at me. But I hold the key.

“Whole new training camp, whole new nerves, whole new fight, whole new work in progress”, said Holm, who had the support of the crowd. He wants to fight him in an official fight. McGregor slapped it away, forcing UFC President Dana White to step between them. As we have Holly Holm who is defending her Championship belt for the first time against a hungry fighter who should of had this belt along time ago according to her.
Nate Diaz is seen during his match against UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson in their mixed martial arts bout at a UFC on FOX 5 event in Seattle, Saturday, Dec. 8, 2012. White said he is “open to whatever he is considering doing”, and at the moment, that seems to be a fight with Lawler.
“I’m open-minded, I’m open to discussions. I’ve went up a weight class before and felt great”. Nobody’s ever done this, 145 pounds going to 170. “It’s impressive, it’s fun and this is what makes you love the fight business”. You fight midgets. You knocked out three midgets and you’re pumped up. McGregor is 7-0 in the UFC and has taken his game to a new level everytime he has needed to.
“There’s a lot of people that play it safe in the game”. I’ll ride into Stockton and take everyone out. “The fans show up here every time”. “They pay their hard-earned money to travel across (the ocean)”.
It’s what the Dublin fighter does and his fans love him for it.
McGregor truly believes the opponent doesn’t matter, particularly when it comes to the bottom line.
“You got it all figured out but who do you train with?”
UFC superstar Conor McGregor says he is open to a big-money fight with Floyd Mayweather. “I’m all about them numbers so I would certainly do that, no problem”.
Sparks flew when the duo met ahead of their big showdown for a photo call on Thursday and we can expect more of the same when the action gets underway for real.