Cruz claims he’s party’s best chance before Trump


Cruz, a favorite of the ultraconservative tea party movement, attributed his strong showing to conservatives coalescing behind his candidacy, calling it a “manifestation of a real shift in momentum”. Ted Cruz of Texas. “Has to”, Trump said at a news conference at his golf club in West Palm Beach, Florida, where dozens of friends and club members mixed in with reporters covering his campaign.

“What we’re seeing is the public coming together, libertarians coming together, men and women who love the Constitution coming together and uniting and standing as one behind this campaign”, Cruz said in Idaho. “That would be so much fun”.
But Cruz’s wins are a reminder that while Trump still appears to be the likely nominee, it is by no means inevitable. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, argue a point during a Republican presidential primary debate at Fox Theatre in Detroit, Michigan, Thursday, March 3, 2016.
With the GOP race in chaos, establishment figures frantically are looking for any way to derail the billionaire businessman, perhaps at a contested convention if no candidate can get enough delegates to lock up the nomination in advance.
For months, Republican leaders have linked Trump and Cruz together, arguing that neither could win in November’s general election.
On the Democratic side, Clinton has opened up a big delegate lead and Sanders might have a tough time making up the difference.
Republican presidential candidate Sen.
It becomes harder and harder for the Florida senator to argue he’s the best candidate to topple Trump when he has still only netted one statewide victory (Minnesota on Super Tuesday).
Florida Senator Marco Rubio was third according to early projections with about 14 percent of the vote, while Ohio Governor John Kasich was fourth with 9.9 percent.
The state’s presidential primary is Tuesday.
On the Democratic side, it was self-described democratic socialist Sanders who savored victories in Kansas and Nebraska, pushing his total to seven of the 18 Democratic contests.
“The Republicans like to divide us”, she said. “I think people can relate to him”. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders will continue to hang around, but the race is effectively over.
Results from the Kentucky GOP caucuses are beginning to be reported as well.
But because delegates are being awarded proportionally in the weekend races, Trump’s GOP rivals and Clinton’s sole opponent had limited opportunity to curb the drive of the front-runners.
“I believe that he is a true fighter for conservatives”, said Berry, a 67-year-old retired AT&T manager. “They’ve got to be very careful”, Trump said in Wichita.
Former US State Secretary Hillary Clinton won only one but the largest state out of three, Louisiana, which allowed her to beat Sen.
“I thank the people of Kansas for their strong support”, Sanders said in a statement Saturday.
However, with today’s result Trump and Clinton consolidated their lead in the race to the White House even as their rivals gave them a tough time by winning key states.
The poll, which was conducted in part before neurosurgeon Ben Carson dropped out of the GOP presidential race, also suggests that Cruz, Rubio and Kasich will pick up almost equal parts of Carson’s support, based on those voters’ second choice picks in the poll.