Cruz looks to maintain outsider image but unite Republicans


After 12 states and a territory voted on Super Tuesday, businessman and Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump and former Secretary of State and Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton both have clear leads in the race for the presidency, having won seven states each.

“Donald Trump supported Jimmy Carter over Ronald Reagan”. I thought Marco Rubio kind of came off as a whiner. I think he’d be terribly unfit for office. They also worry that Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric on immigration could permanently unravel the GOP’s efforts over the years to reach out to Latinos and other minorities.
Still, McCain spokesperson Rachael Dean told CBS News on Thursday that McCain still intends to support the nominee of the Republican Party.
“The people who can save this party are Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio or John Kasich“, Romney said, listing Trump’s three remaining rivals.
“I think the name calling and that sort of thing basically gets in the way actually addressing the needs of the country”, said Bloom.
Cruz also slammed Trump’s vitriolic style. If you want to beat Donald Trump, here’s how you do it.
Speaking on MSNBC and referring to the party as the GOP (Grand Old Party), Trump said: “The Republicans are gaining millions and millions of people because of me”. The word “flexible” and a remark by Cruz telling Trump to “breathe” and not interrupt him, led to a moment of levity when Rubio chimed in with “when they’re done with the yoga, can I answer a question?”
“He hit my hands”, Trump said.
Rubio said Saturday’s races were not ones in which he expected to do well, but has repeatedly said he will win Florida.
“There are a number of people who claim that Mr. Trump is a con man, a fake”, Romney said. To say that we should engage in some hypothetical about “will I vote for Trump” that’s defeatist.
“I’m not running for president, and I won’t run for president”, Romney said.
Cruz showed no desire to go to a brokered convention and continued to assert that he is the only candidate who can beat Trump during the primary battle. “You get to the point where you say, your grandkids are going to say to you, ‘papa, what did you do to stop Donald Trump?’ I had to finally get out and speak”, Romney explained.