Cruz, Trump, Clinton And Sanders Each Notch Wins


Worse, they are planning an anti-Trump coup, pouring money into the remaining primaries to defeat him, deny him the delegates that would give him a lock on the nomination, and then wheeling and dealing at the convention to pick the non Trump candidate as the nominee.

Party leaders – including 2012 nominee Mitt Romney and 2008 nominee Senator John McCain – are fearful a Trump victory would lead to a disastrous November election, with losses up and down the Republican ticket.
In one particularly sharp exchange, Rubio renewed his criticisms of Trump University, which charged students $1,495 each for seminars that would teach them the billionaire’s secrets to making it big in real estate.
The 60-second spot, titled “Corrupt Marco”, asserts Rubio has “spent years defrauding the people of Florida”, and recounts his using a Republican Party credit card to buy personal goods and services and for flights he double-billed to taxpayers and the party.
Trump said it was time for Marco Rubio to exit the race. “I would love to take on Ted one-on-one”. “That will be easy”.
The snapshot of Florida comes before the state’s crucial 99-delegate, winner-take-all primary set for March 15.
A recent Republic editorial suggested GOP primary voters have a moral obligation to vote against the mogul.
Cruz got another big win at CPAC’s annual straw poll, winning 40 percent of the votes, followed by Rubio at 30 percent and Trump with just 15 percent. Frontrunner Donald Trump and Ohio Governor John Kasich have not made any campaign appearances in Idaho. “Because Ted can’t win NY, he can’t win Pennsylvania, he can’t win California”.
Since the last round of nominating contests, Cruz’s campaign had paid special attention to Kansas, traveling there immediately after Super Tuesday and dispatching a who’s who of surrogates for a rally Friday night in Wichita. “And I think it’s time that he drops out”, he said of Rubio.
It would almost be impossible to stop Trump from being the face of the Republican it he takes both Florida and Ohio.
“I’ll write in a name if I have to”, Romney said, noting there is no way he would vote for Trump or Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton. Cruz has also beaten Trump in Oklahoma and his home state of Texas, while Rubio has only won the Minnesota caucuses.
Mrs Clinton, who has been doing well with African-American voters, had an easy win in Louisiana.
Sanders did well in the other two states in part due to their substantial white populations, a demographic with which Sanders does well.
With 50.7 per cent in the Kansas caucuses, he also became the first Republican candidate to claim more than half the vote in any state.
“I can not tell you the damage that Donald Trump would do the republican party if he carried our banner because he has run a campaign on xenophobia, race-baiting and religious bigotry”.
“This isn’t a conventional cycle, but what we tend to see is a war of attrition”, Putnam said. While it may be too late to consolidate voters behind a single non-Trump candidate, his rivals could collectively deprive him of the majority of delegates required to sew up the nomination.