Despite Tina Fey, ‘Whiskey Tango Foxtrot’ shoots mostly blanks


In a long profile in Town & Country that went up yesterday, Fey expressed a great deal of frustration with such questions, as well as with the state the country is in.

Writer Kim Barker at the “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” premiere March 1 in NY.
She’s gotten opportunities before, but Fey really gets a chance to shine in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, which is hitting theaters this week.
“I feel like I’m way more chicken than Kim“.
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is based on The Taliban Shuffle, a memoir by investigative print reporter Kim Barker that concerns her life as a war correspondent in Afghanistan and Pakistan a decade ago. They include a no-nonsense Marines general (Billy Bob Thornton) and a back-from-exile Afghan official (Alfred Molina) who regularly tries to get her into his bed – which he keeps in his office.
“And because I’m an egomaniac, and a moron, that really spoke to me”, says the 45-year-old promoting the film.
“Yes, it’s still happening”, Fey told the crowd. In reality, Barker was a print journalist who worked for the Chicago Tribune. “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot could have used some 30 Rock wit”, they said, and Entertainment Weekly weren’t entirely convinced by Fey’s character Kim Baker: ‘Fey leans hard – too hard, early on – on Kim’s cluelessness and her own wry, self-aware Fey-ness’. Tina brings her impeccable comic timing and sarcasm to the nonstop insanity that is the “Kabubble”, sure, but she also performs with honest emotion in such a way that I felt it was her most worthwhile dramatic role in a movie. “It’s their movie and they do stick to the truthfulness of my experiences overall – and what’s at the core of the book”. She may have impulsively signed up to go to Afghanistan while in the throes of a mid-life crisis, but Kim soon gets down to business and adapts herself to the challenge – with hilarious, but surprisingly moving results.
When “I’m watching it” – she’s seen the picture twice now – “I’m not thinking, ‘Oh, I’m seeing a mirror.’ Because I have no idea what I look like when I’m talking. Because that’s what I do for a living, is get in trouble on the internet”. Just trust us. It’s going to be fine.
One thing all her male co-stars seem to share is the fact they’re small, and Tina admits she has something of a penchant for shorter men.
During an appearance on The Howard Stern Show that day, Tina opened up about her time at the Oscars this past weekend. “It’s shamefully true that I heard about the review of the book and thought I could worm my way into the project”.