Girl Scout Cookies On Sale: Find A Booth Near Brandon


With a variety of cookies on hand, the girls were there as the Academy Awards host told the audience that he wanted them to reach into their “millionaire pockets” because he wanted them to buy his daughter’s girl scout cookies. “You have diabetes”, Rock quipped. Indeed, they were thrilled to sell as many cookies as they did and grateful for Rock’s championship. Much of it was due to basic math; after all, as anyone who’s shelled out for a box of Tagalongs on the way out of the supermarket can tell you, Girl Scout cookies go for $5 a box. The 51-year-old father of two worked round the clock while he crafted his 2016 Oscar opening monologue, which meant he missed out on some valuable time with his girls. He had no idea he was going to be at the Oscars, and the bit that ended up not being as amusing as it could have been had a cool footnote to it that has made it better over the years. Through the Girl Scout Cookie Program, girls learn five essential life skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics. Damon, in particularly, clearly enjoys his fair share of Girl Scout cookies, as we actually caught brief glimpses of him enjoying them later in the show.

Rock pointed to popular actors and actresses as his daughter and other girl scouts walked along the aisles of the 3,400-seater Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, US. Now, it would seem that Chris Rock has found his own moment as he helped his daughter and her girl scout troop sell their cookies.
“Last night Zahra, my youngest called me up and said, “Daddy how come we never sell the most cookies?”
Seeing celebrities doing normal every day things always makes for good TV. “I recruited her to be a Girl Scout leader four or five years ago”, Linda said and now one of Chris’ daughters is in the same Girl Scouts troop as her daughter. Click through the gallery to learn which celebrities were girl scouts.