Hillary Clinton to campaign in Tampa on Thursday


Former President Bill Clinton is calling on voters in New Orleans to support his wife in the state’s upcoming presidential primary.

Hillary Clinton is campaigning in MI ahead of Sunday’s Democratic Debate and the state’s Tuesday primary. Some critics said that the rally closed-off streets and could have blocked people from voting.
And it needs a court that will reverse the decision that effectively ended campaign finance controls and opened political campaigns to virtually unlimited and anonymous funding and influence, Clinton said.
Brian McNiff, a spokesman for Galvin’s office, said that Clinton did not commit a violation, South Coast Today reports.
“We have a lot of work to do in our country”, Clinton said.
A Facebook event titled “Stop the Clintons from Stealing the Election – Revolt for a Revote!” has just over 100 committed attendees. “I think in a more populated city we might not have this opportunity, it would be too crowded.”, says Mark Singer. “Majority are peace-loving and majority hate terror”.
Many Sanders supporters posted angry comments on the Web site. “If you want to grow together and you want us to live together, we have got to govern together”.
Clinton’s address heavily emphasized the differences between his wife and the Republican candidates, and spent very little time on her sole remaining opponent for the Democratic nomination, Sanders.
“She has walked the walk for decades”, he said.