How a Contested GOP Convention Could Happen


The GOP presidential debate Thursday night kicked off with early fireworks as Donald Trump and Marco Rubio quickly began bickering with each other.

Sen. Ted Cruz speaks during the Republican presidential primary debate.
Trump invoked the unusual way in which Rubio continued to repeat the same phrase, repetition that earned him the unfortunate moniker, “Robot Rubio“.
When Rubio faulted Trump’s businesses for manufacturing clothing in China and Mexico rather than the U.S., Trump retorted, “This little guy has lied so much about my record”. For Marco Rubio, that’s not exactly a good sign – he, unlike Ted Cruz, hasn’t even earned the support of his own home state’s governor.
And finally: “I won’t run for president”. CNN points out Cruz only won four states in the primaries and caucuses.
“He doesn’t vote. He doesn’t show up anywhere”, Trump said.
“He’s sort of responded to Trump with the same sort of language that Trump had used with other candidates”, said Bloom.
Countering Rubio’s claims, Camerota replied, “I mean, of course, you’ve taken a page from Donald Trump’s playbook”.
Stephen Colbert has spent the past few weeks coming to the realization that President Trump might happen, and it’s a concern he now shares with the Republican party itself.
This is the 11th debate for the Republican party candidates and Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich are running out of time if they want to take down front-runner Trump.
The changing tenor of the Republican presidential race might have been demonstrated best by a pair of questions about immigration – one a year ago, one Thursday night. “If they are small, something else must be small”.
So, now it seems that certain prominent Republicans are thinking about not supporting Trump if he gets the nomination as he gets closer to possibly being the nominee. “This man is – as I told you, I mean, he’s injected a level of vulgarity into the political discourse that we’ve never seen”.
Romney, the 2012 GOP presidential nominee, gave sharp criticism of Trump’s campaign on Thursday. “I hate his total lack of understanding of complex issues that impact Americans”, Clinton, 68, said in her email yesterday.