McGregor, Holm top bill as UFC grows in Vegas


Neither champion needed to take the fights they’re facing, but neither betrays any sign of worry about stepping into the MGM Grand Garden Arena cage.

All that’s left from here on out is to find out what McGregor thinks of all this, because you know he will have something to say about it. And there’s little doubt that Nate Diaz really does want to take a few swings at the UFC featherweight champion, because that probably can be said of every other fighter in the company’s stable.
But there is no doubt that a potential fight between the two high-profile stars would be a ratings and pay-per-view bonanza.
McGregor sees daylight in this department as Diaz has a different method as compared to Mendes’ wrestling.
Many believe that Diaz will capitalize on McGregor’s poor takedown defense as his stance makes him susceptible to being slumped to the floor.
McGregor only cares about the fans’ desires and the financial rewards for his boldness.
“‘The f-k you lookin’ at?”, McGregor told one of Diaz’ teammates. But if we fought, I would beat Robbie.
I am giddy like a schoolgirl right now, you guys. I’ll ride into Stockton and take everyone out.
Conor McGregor could have played it safe and waited for another title fight after Rafael Dos Anjos dropped out of their bout last week.
The fight is McGregor’s first professional outing at welterweight. He and the UFC settled on Diaz (19-10), the tough-talking, well-rounded veteran from an infamous fighting family.
McGregor had a rough time when he squared off with Chad Mendes for the interim UFC featherweight strap in July 2015. The two outspoken fan favorites will collide in the main event of UFC 196 this Saturday March 5, and it’s been a very eventful 24 hours in this heated rivalry.
But Diaz, who has fought at lightweight and welterweight, understandably hadn’t been preparing and likely couldn’t make the 155-pound limit.
Holly Holm could have kicked back and prepared for the rematch while Ronda Rousey regroups from the beating Holm gave her four months ago. Nobody’s ever done this, 145 pounds going to 170. He won’t do it, instead plotting a strategy to hold titles in multiple weight classes.
“It’s martial arts. You should be ready to fight anyone at any time”. Overall, Lawler has won his last five fights and would represent McGregor’s biggest challenge yet.