Missouri bill would limit lawmakers-turned-lobbyists’ funds


But opponents, including teachers, say it would circumvent collective bargaining and could reward individual teachers while punishing others.

Under the proposal killed by the House, a superintendent would have needed to explain in writing and offer “supporting documentation” as to the educational and instructional benefit for supplementing a teacher’s pay. Thursday was the deadline for the House to act on bills sent over from the Senate.
But it was never called.
The Missouri House has passed legislation to create a prescription drug monitoring program.
He added that Gov. Mike Pence had expressed some reservations about the legislation and “we didn’t have assurance that he would sign the bill so we just determined it probably wasn’t worth it”.
Teresa Meredith, president of the Indiana State Teachers Association, said her members are happy about the unexpected result after a weeks-long battle to stop the bill.
Senate Bill 10 wasn’t even expected to get a hearing until late last week.
The House Republican party was divided on the bill to require pharmacies to report to the state what prescriptions are being filled in Missouri. “By moving to an opt-in process, we take a stronger, more pro-worker approach that makes absolutely certain these union members have a say in how and where their hard-earned dollars are spent”, said Rehder, R-Sikeston.
But the House’s education committee chairman, Rep. Bob Behning R-Indianapolis, tried to keep the idea going.
“I’m trying to craft a bill that could be accepted by the House, passed by the Senate and not vetoed by the governor”, said Sen. The bill would put up $105 million out of the state’s so-called “rainy day” fund for local governments, but the House has objected to a Senate distribution formula that calls for earmarking a portion of the funds for cities and towns that have lower tax revenues and lower property valuations.