New York judge weighs Cruz ballot challenge on birthplace issue


The man claims the two aren’t natural born citizens and said that makes both men ineligible for our nation’s highest office. He was born in Arizona prior to it becoming the 48th state. Ted Cruz was born in 1970 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, to an American mother, who was living in Canada then. “Under the United States Constitution, Senator Rubio is a natural born citizen who is eligible to serve as president of the United States”. I believe Cruz’s theory is that by virtue of being born to an American citizen overseas, he is an American by birth.

“The first Congress actually stated during one of their sessions that children born to citizens of the USA that may be born beyond sea, outside of the United States, or out of the limits of the US, shall be considered as a natural born citizen”, attorney Nicole Martell said.
Cruz is represented by David Di Pietro, a well-known Republican lawyer in Broward. All other citizenship is conferred by law. He argued that a person could not be “natural born” and “naturalized” at the same time. Most recently, a judge in IL denied a similar case.
“It’s not settled”, Wallace said of the scholarly consensus of what the term meant in the Constitution. She said that she doubts the case will go forward on its merits. “The voters of the Republican Party need clarity”, he said.
These are federal issues.
Lawyers for the candidates argue that Voeltz hasn’t proved that he is harmed by Cruz and Rubio appearing on the ballot, so he has no standing to proceed with his case. He also named the Republican Party of Florida as a co-defendant in the Broward case.
This is the latest of the challenges that Cruz is facing, which could greatly affect his presence on the primary ballot this April 19.