Reality check: Donald Trump is not winning because of independents


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a news conference Saturday, March 5, 2016, in West Palm Beach, Fla.

Ted Cruz claimed an easy victory in Kansas and battled with Donald Trump for Kentucky and ME in Saturday’s four-state round of Republican voting, fresh evidence that there’s no quick end in sight to the fractious GOP race for president.
“And implicit in that is that Mitt Romney could offer himself up as a white knight to save the party”, she said. I will say it was a powerful affirmation that the people who know me best and that I campaigned to made promises if you elect me, I’ll lead the fight against amnesty and will fight for the Bill of Rights every day.
Sasse said the record turnout consisted of both pro-Trump and anti-Trump voters. Cruz suggested it was time for some Republican candidates to quit the race.
Despite losing most states to Trump in Tuesday’s contest, Rubio continues to attack Trump, saying on Tuesday night that Trump is a “con artist” and vowing to fight on.
“My strong, strong advice and I’ll say this as strongly as I can, hey look, compete; win it; lose it; but don’t steal it; because if somebody gets in there and tries parliamentary monkeybusiness and steals away this endorsement, you’ll have a massive mess on your hands”, Pawlenty said.
Trump on Florida Sen.
When asked about a CNN report that Trump will raise outside money if he becomes the Republican nominee, Romney said, “it’s a form of hypocrisy that I think people will find shocking”.
In Maine, Cruz had a 12-point lead over Trump with about 5 percent of the vote in. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Ohio Gov. John Kasich were in third and fourth with 14.3 percent and 9 percent. “Well he (Trump)’s very flexible, so you never so”, Rubio said. After Super Tuesday, Marco Rubio called for emergency collective action by the remaining contenders to stop the “con man” Trump without adjudicating for the present which of them would win the prize. “It would cause a revolt”, the senator from Texas told reporters in Maine.
It’s obvious that there is a large part of the Republican Party that would very much like Donald Trump to go away.
“Let’s talk about our lightweight senator from Florida, who’s losing big in the polls”, Trump said, describing Rubio as a “nervous basket case”.
Trump, meanwhile, opened up another searing attack on Rubio at a rally in MI.
A brokered convention can take place when the leading candidate does not have the 1,237 delegates needed to win the nomination and party leaders and campaigns negotiate among themselves to choose a compromise candidate.