Sanders, Cruz beat Clinton, Trump in ME caucuses


Ted Cruz has seized upon his victories on “Super Saturday” to claim he is the only man able to stop Donald Trump, as the Republican party scrabbles to throw a spoke in the wheel of the New Yorker’s political juggernaut.

Combined, the weekend strengthened Mr. Trump’s argument that he wins big, open contests, and also bolstered Mr. Cruz’s appeal as the candidate who can win in the small races that depend on out-organizing opponents. Though Trump won the state, the three suburban Cincinnati counties in Northern Kentucky – Boone, Kenton and Campbell – all went for Cruz.
With 51 Louisiana delegates at stake, Clinton will gain more than half – at least 28.
While Trump retains a lead in the delegates needed to win the Republican nomination, Cruz narrowed the gap by winning five states last week. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders notched wins in the Nebraska and Kansas caucuses, while front-runner Hillary Clinton snagged a win in the Louisiana primary.
South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, also appearing on NBC, said Cruz “has made the best case thus far that he can be the alternative to Trump“.
Romney stopped short of saying he regrets receiving Trump’s endorsement four years ago, but continued to condemn the Republican front-runner’s bombast and vulgarity.

“What’s said on the campaign trail is one thing, how you govern when you’re in the Oval Office is something entirely different.”
. But privately, the campaign is having a debate about whether or not he should remain in the mix – even for his home state of Florida’s primary.
Stressing the importance of voter turnout, he said, “when large numbers of people come – working people, young people who have not been involved in the political process – we will do well, and I think that is bearing out tonight”. Last week, forces within the Republican party, dissatisfied with the Donald as a candidate, arranged for Mitt Romney to give his opinion, in the form of an attack on Trump. But the script is being rewritten on the fly, and now it’s Trump who is trying to clear the field for a one-on-one showdown.
Trump has been a lightning rod in the GOP race, spawning resistance from many evangelical Christians and other conservatives, including the use of the hashtag #NeverTrump on Twitter.
The RealClear Politics average of polls has Trump at 29 percent support in mi with Clinton ahead of Sen.
Rubio won all 23 delegates in the March 6 primary in Puerto Rico, where citizens can vote in the primary but not the general election.
Fifty-nine delegates are at stake in Michigan’s Republican primary race. It takes 2,383 delegates to win the Democratic nomination. Rival campaigns are exploring ways to prevent Trump from getting the delegates he needs to win the nomination outright, then defeat him at the GOP convention in July.
Rubio was in front of an audience that was receptive to his shots at Trump.