Sanders wins Democratic caucus in heartland US state of Kansas


Early returns showed Cruz and Trump were in a tight race for Kentucky. He has contrasted his steadfast conservative record to Trump’s shifting positions on such issues as abortion and past campaign donations to Democrats, including Clinton.

The Democratic Party in Kansas announced Sanders had won its caucus, but had not yet released vote totals.
“God bless Kansas“, the Texas senator declared during a rally in Idaho, which votes in three days.
On the Republican side, some establishment members of the GOP have revolted against Trump and are hoping that the other candidates can score enough delegates to prevent Trump from winning before the summer convention.
This week both Mitt Romney and John McCain, the 2012 and 2008 Republican presidential nominees respectively, spoke forcefully against Trump being the nominee.
“Everyone’s trying to figure out how to stop Trump”, the billionaire marveled at an afternoon rally that was interrupted frequently by protesters. Marco Rubio, who has claimed only one win so far in the race and is now facing a must win contest in Florida on March 15.
Trump said that he thinks Cruz is the candidate losing momentum. Republicans and Democrats in Louisiana also were voting on Saturday, as were Democrats in Nebraska.
Having lost in several states in Saturday’s nominating contests, Rubio is looking to Puerto Rico for a victory on Sunday.
Voting was under way on Saturday as five USA states went to the polls to make their choices for who should square off in November’s presidential election.
Meanwhile, Marco Rubio is the only other candidate to have won a state, taking Minnesota on Super Tuesday.
Trump made waves when he cancelled a scheduled Saturday morning appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference near Washington, opting instead to hold a rally in Wichita, Kansas.
The goal is to knock Rubio out of the race, but the complex delegate dynamics mean that overall effect of Cruz’s decision to fight in the state may be to either pave the way for Donald Trump to win outright, or to push the party into the brokered convention that Cruz says he hopes to avoid. The delegate rules indicate that Trump and Rubio, but NOT John Kasich, will pick up delegates here.
In the Sunflower State, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump had sought to extend his lead in his quest for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.
According to the state GOP chairman, Cruz got a big win in ME as well, taking 45.84 percent of the vote to Trump’s 32.55 percent. Many in the Republican establishment are apoplectic over whether anyone can stop Trump’s march.
Trump, speaking from Trump International in West Palm Beach, Florida, told reporters that he wants to take on Cruz one on one after Trump took the Louisiana primary and Kentucky caucuses Saturday night.
Louisiana political analyst Silas Lee told CNN on Saturday that his state could reflect the underlying trends shaping the wider Republican race.
On the Democratic side, Clinton hoped that strong support among African Americans in Louisiana would propel her to victory.
Seeking some traction, Rubio again denounced Trump as a fraud and a “con artist”. Dr. Ben Carson, who dropped out of the race this week, got 2%. Rand Paul would be able to run for the presidential nomination while hedging his bets and remaining in the state’s Senate race in case his presidential campaign stalled-out – which it did, several weeks ago. “Do it today. Do it tomorrow”. He beat Trump in a closed GOP caucus, where only registered Republicans could vote.