Senator Puts Hold on Lead BIll, Says Flint Doesn’t Need Federal AId


Now Richardson – and so far in Flint only Richardson – has less to fear.

The “Fast Start” pipe replacement announced by Mayor Karen Weaver about a month ago prioritizes neighborhoods with the highest rate of children under six, retirees, and pregnant women-all of whom are most susceptible to the effect of lead. Not 24 hours later, jackhammers opened a trench in the asphalt in front of his curb and cracked open the cement encasing the lines in his basement. “It’s fantastic they picked me”.
Even though the water switched back, the pipes are damaged, and lead-tainted water, which can stunt childhood development and affect almost every part of the body, is still coming out of taps in some areas.
Crews in Flint are starting to dig up old lead pipes connecting water mains to homes as part of efforts to allay the city’s contaminated water crisis.
“It took a little bit longer than that”, said retired National Guard Brig. “But here we are”.
Crews on Friday dug up a lead service line and replaced it with a copper one at the Flint, Michigan, home of an expectant couple.
“The Snyder administration effectively put a financial gun to the heads of Flint’s families by using the emergency manager law to lock the city into taking water from a poisoned source“, party Chairman Brandon Dillon said. Now the mayor is leading the way to replace the water pipes. Their objective was to determine what Flint residents need to deal with the water crisis and to provide reassurance that the issue is a top priority on Capitol Hill. Both Clinton and Sanders have aimed searing criticism at MI officials for their handling of the public health catastrophe, and both have called on Republican Gov. Rick Snyder to resign. The problems began after the city switched its water supply from Detroit’s system to the Flint River in 2014 to save money.
A report by the state auditor general said that the Department of Environmental Quality’s drinking water office staff failed to order Flint to treat its drinking water with anti-corrosion chemicals.
Clinton dispatched aides to the city of almost 100,000 in January, raised the issue during a nationally televised debate and won the mayor’s endorsement.
FILE – In this February 25, 2016 file photo, Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, are set to face off on Sunday in Flint, and the Republicans held their debate in Detroit on Thursday night. The state has approved $70 million in emergency funding for Flint, and Snyder has requested at least $165 million more toward the Flint emergency.
“This is our Board of Water and Light”, Bernero said.
“If people question the safety of their water, I’d encourage them to be in contact with their utility personally and ask the hard questions”, Greg Kail said. “It’s absurd. It’s outrageous”. “This is not about Congress giving speeches, it’s about us listening to the people”. What’s more, she said she was dismayed that Rubio’s remarks were the extent of the discussion.
“The solution isn’t there”, she said.
Blacks are significantly more likely than whites to think it’s a sign of a more widespread problem, and 32 percent of them are following the story very closely, compared with 20 percent of Hispanics and 19 percent of whites.