Soccer rule-makers permit video assistance experiments


After a meeting on Saturday with the International Football Association Board (IFAB), football’s law-making body, Infantino announced that changes are coming.

New Fifa president Gianni Infantino will be a Swansea City fan for the day – after taking up an invitation to watch the club’s crucial Premier League clash with Norwich.
Infantino was elected to football’s top job at a FIFA Congress last week after serving as the UEFA secretary-general and he was keen to distance himself from Blatter’s tainted regime.
English Football Association CEO Martin Glenn added that 13 leagues or associations had expressed an interest in hosting trials.
It’s four years since IFAB first sanctioned technology in soccer after previously facing opposition from Infantino’s predecessor Sepp Blatter – but that was restricted to determining whether the ball crossed the line.
The expectation is not to achieve 100 per cent accuracy in decisions for every single incident, but to avoid clearly incorrect decisions that are pre-defined “game-changing” situations – goals, penalty decisions, direct red card incidents and mistaken identity.
The IFAB, who govern the game’s rules, will vote whether to give the green light to live video trials to aid match officials.
“But we can not close our eyes to progress as well”. Pushing for innovation in the sport, soccer’s rule-makers on Saturday approved trials with video assistance technology for referees.
“We have taken a really historic decision for football”.
IFAB envisages various video systems being tested in games, including a person watching on monitors in a truck outside the stadium feeding information into the referee’s ear, or the referee being able to go to the sideline to view replays or see the clips on a wearable device.
One such pilot will see a video assistant referee involved in the officiating of games.
The four British associations have one vote each and FIFA, representing the other 205 national associations, has four votes.
It was also agreed that experiments would be carried out on the use of a fourth substitute in extra time, although it has not yet been decided which competition will carry out the tests.
The governing body are also going to trial giving yellow cards for denying goal scoring opportunities in the penalty area.
Dr Evil Gianni Infantino has wasted little time getting his feet under the table after approving the testing of video technology.