US Republicans desperate to stop Trump


Donald Trump celebrated his wins in Kentucky and Louisiana Saturday, calling for Marco Rubio to drop out of the 2016 race and saying he wants a “one on one” contest against Ted Cruz. “As we saw with the advantage of the intensity in Rubio’s “strongly” favorable ratio, the highest potential on the combined ballots rests with Marco Rubio”. Republicans in ME and Kentucky are holding caucuses, as are Democrats in Nebraska.

The campaign is doing what it sees as necessary to turn the Republican contest into a two-man race, said a senior adviser to Cruz who requested anonymity to speak candidly. The speech echoed the words of Rubio with phrases like, “Here’s what I know: Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud”.
Mr Cruz also suggested it was time for other hopefuls – like Marco Rubio and John Kasich – to step aside.
“Donald is telling us he will betray us on everything he’s campaigned on”, Cruz told voters Friday in Maine.
Sanders had events in OH on Saturday as the Democrats kept close watch on those two big states and their upcoming delegate hauls. “I really do. And I say that respectfully”, Trump said later in his remarks.
A small but vocal minority of attendees at this year’s CPAC consider Trump to be a threat to conservatism and the Republican Party. He also edged Mr Cruz in Louisiana’s closed primary. He called Trump’s plane “Hair Force One”. I think we did very well.
Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign is planning to air a five-minute ad on the Univision television network ahead of Florida’s Democratic primary on March 15.
The Florida senator said he “feels good” about the calendar from Saturday on, and singled out Kansas as a place that looked particularly promising. I love the people of that state.
Miles McMillan, 56, of Leawood, Kansas, attended a Rubio rally in Overland Park, Kansas, with his wife, Laurie McMillan. He said the couple plans to caucus on Saturday, even though they haven’t done so in the past, and that he’s deciding between Mr Kasich and Senator Rubio.
She said: “No matter who wins this Democratic nomination, I have not the slightest doubt that on our worst day we will be infinitely better than the Republicans on their best day”.
The weekend of campaigning in primaries and caucuses will be capped by a Democratic debate Sunday night in Flint, Mich.
Rubio has only one state so far and is gearing up for what could be a make-or-break contest in his home state on March 15.
Kasich meanwhile is focused on a Rust Belt strategy, where he is looking to drive up his numbers beginning with his home state of Ohio. The most recent Quinnipiac University poll of Florida Republicans had Trump leading the local senator 44% to 28%.
The irony here is the Republican establishment despises Cruz.
On the Democratic side, Ms Clinton led Senator Sanders by nearly 40 percentage points in a RealClearPolitics average of polls in Louisiana.
In Florida, the latest polling shows Rubio much farther behind.
“These young Americans have the chance to fulfill an incredible potential and destiny, but we have to give them a chance, and they won’t have a chance if a Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders is elected”, he said at the Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Maryland.
Texas Sen. Ted Cruz scored a decisive victory in the Kansas Republican presidential caucuses on Saturday, touting his strong conservative record on social issues and opposition to the health reform law to win votes from the state’s large conservative Christian community and soundly defeat businessman Donald Trump.