Voter would chose his cat over Trump or Clinton


But Paul dropped out of the race after a poor showing in Iowa.

Jefferson County had nine caucus locations, meaning that about 20,000 voters were assigned to each caucus location.
Because Kentucky’s caucus awards its 46 delegates proportionately to candidates who win at least 5 percent of the vote, Trump’s win didn’t significantly widen the delegate gap with Cruz who now seems to be Trump’s biggest obstacle.
The party’s Facebook page is replete with people criticizing the party and U.S. Sen. Rand Paul who wanted to be able to make a run for both the White House and his Senate seat.
Voting opened at 10 a.m. and will run through 4 p.m. Saturday afternoon.
Meanwhile, Saide Weiner, spokesperson for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in Washington, said Kentucky’s GOP caucus is “a reminder to Kentucky voters just how hard Rand Paul tried to abandon them”.
Hofstra chairs the Central Kentucky Tea Party and is the volunteer chairman for the Ted Cruz campaign in Kentucky. The Republican Primary Caucus will be held in Madison County at two locations.
“I think as president, the world would be afraid of us”.
All registered Republican voters (as of December 31, 2015), will be allowed to attend and vote for the Republican presidential candidate of their choice. The Republican Party of KY has done a poor job of informing its voters of this change!
That may have driven some of Saturday’s unexpected traffic at the caucus.
Trump was projected by the Associated Press to win the Louisiana primary – although Cruz was closing the gap – and the Kentucky caucuses, underscoring the extent to which the Republican nomination race has become a contest between him and Cruz.
Lace is the type of reliable voter who helped propel Republicans to growing dominance in Kentucky. “I spent about a year pointing out sort of what I thought the advantages of one candidacy were versus the other”.
Some GOP members don’t think the state party has done enough to raise awareness of the caucus.
But not every Republican who caucused in Glasgow agreed that Trump is the answer to the nation’s problems.
“I’m sensing a bottled up frustration in Kentucky”. “Obama has decimated the coal industry, decimated it, and we’re going to bring the coal industry back folks, we’re going to bring it back”, he said.
The caucus shaped up to be a showdown between front-runner Donald Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Florida Sen. And Cruz, not Trump, won three of the four.
“People are fired up about a certain couple of candidates”, Lampe said.