Big B congratulates Leonardo DiCaprio for Oscar win


Some 34.3 million Americans watched the 2016 Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday, the smallest TV audience for the Oscars in eight years, according to national ratings data, amid a Hollywood diversity controversy. “You’re right”, he said.

Many believe some of the biggest surprises of the evening were the winners of Best Actor in a Supporting Role and the biggest award of them all, Best Film.
“You know, when your grandmother’s swinging from a tree, it’s really hard to care about best documentary foreign short”, he quipped.
“How come it’s only unemployed people who tell you you should quit something?”
Host Chris Rock got in more than a few knocks on just about everybody during his Oscars hosting gig, but one person in particular got a particularly ugly end of the stick: Jada Pinkett Smith. But I will say that there probably should have been more diversity among the call for diversity rather than focusing exclusively on black actors and actresses.
“In the ’60s… one of those years Sidney [Poitier] didn’t put out a movie”.
“Why are we protesting this Oscars?“.
DiCaprio grins but seems fairly self-contained – after all, he’s had over 20 years to prepare for this big moment, having gotten his first nomination in 1994 for “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape“.
“Jada boycotting the Oscars is like me boycotting Rihanna’s panties – I wasn’t invited, ” he quipped. The only other movie that won multiple awards was The Revenant, which won three Oscars, Best Actor (Leonardo DiCaprio), Best Director (Alejandro González Iñárritu) and Best Cinematography (Emmanuel Lubezki). Because we had real things to protest at the time. This year in particular I’ve been overwhelmed with such support.
Variety reported in a statement through his National Action Network, Sharpton said that the decline in ratings is “heartening to those of us that campaigned around asking citizens to tune out”.
It was a night of celebrating the best of what Hollywood had to offer, but with perhaps more controversy than in recent years, and not just the expected issue of the all-white acting nominees.