Priyanka gives away Oscar to ‘Mad Max: Fury Road


But rather than moping about what could have been, let’s focus on the positive. Roundly acclaimed for its old-school craft, Miller’s “Mad Max” was assured of becoming the evening’s most awarded film.

Now, you can’t have an wonderful picture without gorgeous cinematography and a director with a vision who can see things through (both should’ve won but… moving on), but it’s the editor’s job to take all that footage, the dialog, the music, the effects, and piece it together into a coherent narrative.
Live Action Short Film:Stutterer“. Fury Road swept a number of technical categories.
If you’re a fan of “Mad Max: Fury Road” (and if you’re not, seriously, what’s wrong with you?), then you’ve got plenty of reasons to be happy with tonight’s Academy Awards so far.
In the field of winning streaks, Alejandro G. Iñárritu becoming the third director to win back-to-back Oscars will undoubtedly lead to his next film being at least twice as pompous and bombastic as “The Revenant” and last year’s “Birdman“.
The kinetic movie, with its visceral chases, spectacular costumes, stunning sets and magnificent music is as much a road movie and souped-up Western as it is a parable about environmental degradation and woman power.
And Priyanka, who is riding high on the worldwide fame garnered through her American TV show “Quantico“, added the “desi” touch to the ceremony. There is not a single thing that the other nominees did, that Mad Max didn’t also do. When you combine it with the shaky camera, you’re left feeling exhausted by the end of it because your brain has had to fill in all of the gaps left by the rapid-fire pace of the editing. Her teeth are imperfect, she doesn’t seem to wear makeup, and her physique suggests she doesn’t do grain bowls or barre. It still feels fast, but because these cuts are given room to breathe, this scene actually feels intense. But on the 4K release, detail was crystal clear and you could see every color as it shone through every particle of dirt. The scene also displays some deft frame control, speeding up and slowing down the amount of frames per second ever so slightly to keep the audience on their toes while maintaining visual legibility. John Ford also won consecutive Oscars. There’s a scene where one of the girls nearly falls off the truck and he looks back from the driver’s seat and gives her a thumbs up. Like this one, which comes after a series of rapid cuts. Like after “The Road Warrior“, we’ll likely get a better idea after the sequel. She mined through 480 hours of footage for three months to get the film ready. It would be the fifth film in the franchise of Mad Max and George Miller is being tapped to return as director. “The Oscars celebrate the storytellers who have the opportunity to work in the powerful medium of film”, the latter said.
There was a brief moment during the Oscars where it looked like Mad Max: Fury Road might be on the way to getting the recognition it deserved as a truly groundbreaking, visually stunning film.
Rock addressed the pressure on him to boycott the show, saying he “thought about quitting, I thought about it real hard”, before realizing, “They’re gonna have the Oscars anyway!”