20-yo searches for father with Facebook post


Ms Collins met the man she knows only as “Jason” when she was 16.

“I’m just hoping for a simple, ‘Hello, ‘ and just to catch up”, Jette Collins of of Durhamville, New York, told ABC News today.
Jette Collins put a photo on Facebook of himself holding a sign, asking for help finding his dad. “I am not asking for anything, just would like to my biological father”.
“I’ve wanted to do it for a long time but, recently, my girlfriend and family were saying it’s a good idea”, Jette said. “I just want us to have the opportunity to meet – I want him to know he has a son”.
In 1996 a man and woman met at the K-rockathon music festival in Syracuse, NY and sparks flew.
A local teenager’s search for his biological father has gone viral throughout the community. I am the product of that night.
As of Saturday, March 5, Collins said he had not received any leads on his father, but was hoping for the best.
As someone who is intimately familiar with festival port-o-potties, I thought people being conceived at rock concerts was one of those things I thought only happened in the minds of TV and movie scriptwriters. “Help a kid out”, Collins wrote on Facebook.
“Thank you all for (your) support and all the help you guys have provided me with”, Collins said. Half of you want to be updated with what’s going on.