Class action suit filed over Flint water crisis


“We need to move on to a complete renewal of Flint’s water system, and to provide health, education, economic and family services to the children and adults in Flint who have been affected by the water crisis”. But claim they were stopped by city employees asking about permits.

“We are not. We are the perpetrators”, he said, insisting that Republicans have failed to remain faithful to their vow to uphold conservative principles in Congress. With his latest maneuver to deprive Flint residents of federal relief funds after their public water supply was poisoned due to Republican cost-cutting measures, Lee is practicing his conservative principals – even if privately, and even if those conservative principles inadvertently hurt his own constituents.
Water problems in Flint began after the city switched its water supply from Detroit’s system in 2014 to save money.
“My mission is to totally get the lead out of Flint, but we can not and we will not stop there”, Weaver said.
Past year researchers and medical personnel discovered high levels of lead in Flint residents, especially children.
Some of the suits seek to hold Snyder and others personally liable for damages. $70 million would go to water infrastructure loans, and another $50 million would go to preventing and addressing lead poisoning.
A portrait of Snyder stood next to a stack of bottled water near the altar of Quinn Chapel AME Church on the city’s south side as pastors and dozens of residents shared their experiences with the city’s water crisis.
Democratic Rep. Dan Kildee of MI said it let lawmakers hear about Flint’s problems firsthand and kept up pressure for Congress to act on a stalled bill aimed at helping the city.
The DEQ says some of them have already been put in place. “Generally, tap water in the United States is safe”. “Well, you know Flint’s just an extension of that in my mind”.
Actor Mark Ruffalo says people across the USA need to learn more about Flint’s lead-tainted water crisis.
“This is nuts”, said Dr. Jeffrey Griffiths, public health professor at Tufts University and a former chairman with the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Drinking Water Committee.
Some legal experts have said the best solution for the state would be to do what BP did after the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded in 2010: Finance a victims’ compensation fund.
On Friday, the city of Flint kicked off its $55 million Fast Start initiative to replace all the lead service lines in Flint and restore safe, clean drinking water as soon as possible. There has been lead contamination in “scores” of US cities, the New York Times reported. Snyder, who has apologized for his mistakes and a lagging initial response, says there also were failures by local and federal officials. He also criticized Greimel for holding a “politically charged” news conference instead of attending a legislative briefing on Flint with the governor’s office.