Erin Andrews thanks supporters after verdict


Hotel owner West End Hotel Partners was found to be 49 percent at fault and ordered to pay $26 million.

Dr. Kimberly Brown evaluated Andrews for the defense and said the 37-year-old had a lot of distress caused by the video. “The support I’ve received from the people of Nashville has been overwhelming”. When the hotel complied, he was able to see her room number displayed on the phone, and after ascertaining that there was an empty room next to hers, he went to the front desk and was able to book it.
Andrews says the result of the incident was depression and public humiliation.
Andrews’ parents described for jurors the terror they and their daughter felt after learning of the video but not knowing who took it, where it was shot and if someone was still watching their daughter.
“It is very hard to overcome the perception that Michael Barrett’s acts, acts he also committed at other hotels and against other women, should be the responsibility of our clients”, she added.
Patrick M. Nesbitt, CEO and chairman of Windsor Capital Group, apologized for “the unfortunate experience (Andrews) encountered while she stayed at the Nashville Marriott at Vanderbilt”.
According to The Chicago Tribune, Barrett pleaded guilty to criminal charges of interstate stalking.
Andrews’ attorney, Bruce Broillet, argued the hotel accommodated Barrett’s requests to make it easier for him to stalk the sportscaster.
Andrews said during the trial that the video still haunts her: “I think about it every day”.
During her testimony, Andrews said she has suffered because of the video for the last seven years.
She had filed a lawsuit for $75m (£52m) against the man who filmed her, Michael David Barrett, as well as the two companies which owned the hotel where the harassment took place in 2008. He said he only chose Andrews because he saw her trending on Yahoo and she was popular.
Attorneys for the hotel companies argued that while what happened to Andrews was bad, the stalker should be exclusively to blame for the video shot in 2008.
Meanwhile, hotel attorney Marc Deadman said, “We are disappointed with the outcome”. Andrews and her legal team said they are happy with the verdict. In a taped 2013 deposition, Barrett claimed that he tried to sell the footage to celebrity website TMZ before posting it online.