Mixed reactions to Oscar victor Leonardo DiCaprio’s climate change speech


Praise came in elsewhere from Pill and Juicy J, the latter writing on Twitter “Leo somewhere high as fuk!” speaking from past experience, as the Three 6 Mafia member won an Oscar in 2015 for his contributions to Hustle & Flow.

The clip shows one person handing The Revenant actor a bottle of alcohol, before a man rushes out holding the statuette and attempts to hand it to DiCaprio. And we knew he was going to go in on the #OscarsSoWhite controversy. The actor calmly replied: “Give it to Dan right there”.
Director Alejandro Inarritu (R) and actor Leonardo DiCaprio hold their Oscars after the end of the awards ceremony at the 88th Academy Awards in Hollywood, California February 28, 2016.
“Spotlight”, the Tom McCarthy-directorial featuring a heavyweight cast of Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams, Stanley Tucci, Liev Schreiber and John Slattery, earlier won the Best Original Screenplay. He had been nominated for an Oscar for 22 years, five times for acting and once for producing Wolf of Wall Street, which was nominated for best picture. Dash had made headlines, and raised eyebrows, last month when she said Black History Month should be abolished because it promotes racial segregation.
“I thank you all for this incredible award tonight”.
ROBERTS: Climate change and to see the passion, what is the message you wanted to get out tonight? “Tell us more Brandi?” It was a big moment for the star, who earned a standing ovation when he was named Best Actor for The Revenant, and the honest excitement and gratitude he showed while accepting the award stayed with him backstage. “The Revenant“, though, was the big favourite, because it was this beautifully shot film, of course starring Leonardo di Caprio. It also bagged an award for Director Iñárritu.
While the faith film was the evening’s last highlight, many other films are basking in the glow of an Oscar. He also used Twitter right during the Award show to engage with Oscars fans for his cause.
Brandi Hitt, ABC: “That is true, I mean her performance was just stellar, it brought me to tears, it would probably bring any mother to tears watching that movie about her and her son stuck in this room until she decides to finally make a break for it after being kidnapped”. We’re talking Best Hair and Make-up, Best Sound Editing, Best Film Editing, Production… it just kept winning award after award throughout the night, and there’s a lot of celebrating going on here with the Aussies.
The first issue that the Oscars had this year is the same one they often have: Movies that are not commercially well-known nominated for Best Picture. “It’s like, ‘We like you Rhonda, but you’re not a Kappa”.