The Division Expansions Coming To Xbox One First


Ubisoft has already revealed that The Division servers will be going live at 12:01 AM AEDT on March 8th for Australia and 12:01 AM ET for the United States.

The Division has been datamined ahead of its release and plenty of details have been posted online, including the number of missions and some sound files. But over the weekend, dataminers hit the motherload as we’ve learned how many missions we should expect in the game, its full list of weapons, and more. Weapon talents include the Predatory perk – regenerates 5 percent of health over five seconds after a target is killed – and the Capable skill – using a skill temporarily improves weapon handling.
There’s also a reference to a fourth Russian faction called Bratva, but again that could well be an idea that was originally planned and later canned.
Then the paid DLC will arrive in June, where we’ll get battles in NYC underground tunnels, a new Survival expansion in the summer, and then a Last Stand scenario in the winter.
While that information likely won’t come until players have thoroughly explored the game for themselves, a Reddit user by the name of ChristianRiesen has managed to put together a list of the unique weapons in The Division. Having racked up a few hours both on my own and with a group, it’s looking more and more certain players won’t be let down by what could become the biggest release of the year.
The data mined is pretty comprehensive, but it’s possible that some things have simply been left in the game’s files. Unsurprisingly, there are also reference to DLC missions, as well as some that seem to have branching paths.