Universal Japan Park Gets $350 Million Nintendo Land


Last year, Nintendo announced the company would be partnering with Universal Studios to bring their franchises and characters to Universal Studios theme parks.

The report – by Japanese outlet Sankei – also revealed an early map of what the park would look like, which included a designated “Mario area”. Universal Studios Japan plans to have it ready for visitors in 2020, which will coincide with the 2020 Olympics being held in Japan. A US$350 million investment in one theme park land would indicate a Wizarding World of Harry Potter-level of development, with custom next-generation ride systems and top-quality fixtures and textures in place throughout. “It’s a large-scale investment – about the same scale as the Harry Potter-themed area that opened in July 2014″.
Mario and his Nintendo mascot cohorts are getting set to invade Universal Studios Japan…in 2020.
Of course, with an announcement of this importance, Nintendo fans have never been more excited. With a theme park fully dedicated to the company’s game characters, it would not be a surprise to find “Super Mario World” somewhere in Universal Studios Japan. They have just under four years available to them to make this happen. You can see the future Nintendo section highlighted in red below.