Americans split over safety of U.S. drinking water


“The fact that she consolidated that support despite a pretty aggressive outreach from the Sanders campaign and a change in focus by the Sanders campaign, too, suggests that the overall message – “I care about Flint” – is working”. He takes care of his two young grandsons during the day, but his home still has dangerously high levels of lead. They deserve to know we stand with them, that we’ll join their call for justice, accountability, and action. The EPA says anything over 15 ppb is considered unsafe. Harris’ water tested at 600 parts per billion in January and again in February.

“This is nuts”, said Dr. Jeffrey Griffiths, public health professor at Tufts University and a former chairman with the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Drinking Water Committee. Mike Lee of Utah says federal aid is not needed for the lead-contaminated pipes that have resulted in an ongoing public health emergency. But as bad as it is for Harris, other people such as Rosemary Vernon have it worse.
Separately, certain Chicago residents filed suit against the city, alleging that repairs by Chicago to its water system allowed unsafe levels of lead to enter the drinking water supply and that the city did not sufficiently notify residents that they may have been exposed. “I couldn’t believe that”. The bill will reimburse Flint residents with credit for their water bills that was used for drinking, cooking and bathing.
Weaver told reporters outside Barry Richardson II’s home that she was “almost speechless” at the prospect of finally beginning to rid the city of lead service lines.
But that’s a lot easier said than done.
DETROIT – When it comes to water, only about half of Americans are very confident in the safety of what’s flowing from their tap, according to an Associated Press-GfK poll, which found that trust is even weaker among minorities and people with lower incomes.
The issue has become so dominant for these White House hopefuls that they scheduled a prime-time debate in the city on Sunday ahead of the state’s primary Tuesday.
That’s in motion, but ground has only recently been broken.
Snyder has asked the Legislature for $25 million to replace the pipes, but even if that money is approved, it wouldn’t be available until October.
He said the problems are partly due to the “abysmal state” of old pipes in neighborhoods and homes across the country. “Problems that surfaced in Flint, including Legionella and lead, disproportionately affect poor minority communities”. It’s the first of some 8,000 homes that require new piping, and the city now has funding for only about 30 of such replacements, according to a CBS News report.
But its estimated there could be a total of 8000 lead lines in the city and Weaver concedes they will need a lot of help and a lot of money from the state and federal governments to fix them all.
Houston-based LAN was contracted for almost a million dollars to oversee the refit of Flint’s nearly century-old water treatment plant to process water from the Flint River. Some defendants could also face criminal charges as state and federal prosecutors investigate how Flint’s water was poisoned.