Astronaut Scott Kelly: I could have spent longer in space


“You have to shoot them with your finger”, Kelly said about the HoloLens game “Project X”, which displays virtual aliens in the user’s field of vision.

Kelly, 52, made the comments Friday during a news conference at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, where he answered questions about his 340-day mission aboard the International Space Station.
Well, it turns out that it has more to do with rockets than calendars.
Currently, NASA is conducting such tests, in which Kelly and his twin brother Mark are participating, to see how the body and mind adjust to long periods in space before sending astronauts to Mars in the future. He is also experiencing sensitive skin, which he described as nearly a burning sensation, when he is sitting, lying down or walking. “It seemed longer than I thought it would be”, Kelly said.
People all over America have been watching Scott Kelly through his journey and are excited for him to be home.
Kelly left the space station on Tuesday in a Russian Soyuz capsule that landed in Kazakhstan, then headed home to Houston. It would be great to have a variety of ways to get to space or near space for the view. Busy with medical exams and interviews, Kelly said he’s going through a bit of news withdrawal right now. Like many space travelers, Kelly returned to Earth with an increased appreciation of the planet and sense of its fragility.
Again, I must recall the words of President Kennedy: We pursue these ambitious goals of space flight “not because they are easy, but because they are hard”. “That combined with these large swaths of pollution is kind of alarming”. Normally over time, and here we’re talking about years, these discs are compressed by the weight of the body – resulting in the shorter spine and loss of height that older people are familiar with.
“We’ve got to take care of the environment”, he said, quoting “save the planet” advocates.
The world’s thin shield of atmosphere “makes you more of an environmentalist after spending so much time looking down”, he said. “We do have an impact on that and the ability to change it if we make the decision to”.
The positive sentiments were echoed by West Orange Councilwoman Susan McCartney, who said, “l look forward to working with the Chamber of Commerce, the Pleasant Valley Civic Association and the community on a Pleasant Valley Way parade to honor Commander Kelly”. But he said he was unaware of it – instead watching the chaotic drama of the 2016 presidential election.
Kelly and his colleagues traveled 144 million miles through space over the course of 11 months.
“I would say that as a government employee I am subject to the Hatch Act”, he said, referring to a law that prohibits some political activity for federal employees.
“This genetic-based research is new for us, so that for me is very exciting”, said Kelly, during Friday’s press conference.
Dr. Julie Robinson, ISS program chief scientist, said that NASA would like to see 10 or 12 crew members with long-term data to be confident in knowing the risks and what’s involved for a trip to Mars. “That made a difference to me, keeping my sanity”.
His first food back on Earth? “So, at the end of the space station era or thereafter, we can give a “go” to the manager of the Mars program and say that yes, we think we understand what needs to be done to keep astronauts happy, healthy and performing at [a] high level – not just alive, but performing at a high level for the duration of the Mars missions”.
Lest one think that space travel is a solution to age-associated diminution, it’s unfortunately the case that this effect doesn’t last.