Caught on camera: dog stuck in ice shaking off dramatic rescue that saved her life


After surviving four days and three nights on the ice, Sadie the dog is shaking off the effects of a dramatic rescue that saved her life.In a recently released video, Sadie was spotted on the ice on Deer Creek Reservoir in Charleston, Utah on Feb. 29.Sadie’s owner, Charelle Meriweather, said she is convinced someone intentionally let her dog out of the backyard. Story continues below

READ MORE: Animal vs. robot: Watch what happens when a real canine meets a robo-dogOver the course of four days, Meriweather’s brother attempted to go out with a canoe to save the dog but Sadie kept running away. After several failed attempts, Meriweather admitted she was feeling defeated.“Watching my brother on the ice I started tearing up because I was thinking either he’s going to go through the ice and die or I’m going to lose my dog.”Meriweather reached out to local police, who reportedly told her the ice was melting quickly and that Sadie would soon run out of solid ground to stand on. So Meriweather reached out to the Wasatch County Sheriff’s office to help with the rescue.The dramatic rescue video captures Sadie struggling to get out of the water, until an air boat pulls up alongside, and a rescue worker pulls her out safely.“I was just so glad she was home, I kept checking on her every five minutes to make sure she was still there, I was just glad to have her back.”

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