Chris Christie: ‘I am not Donald Trump’s hostage’


Many suggested – none too subtly – that his endorsement may have been involuntary or given in the hope of being picked as Mr Trump’s running-mate in the presidential campaign.

In a almost two-hour statehouse news conference Thursday, Christie ribbed the “armchair psychiatrists” who mocked him over his gaze while standing behind Trump on Super Tuesday, rejected suggestions from newspapers to step down, and told his state’s almost 9 million residents, some of whom gave him a poor review in a recent poll, that he’s getting back to work.
Chris Christie answers a question during a news conference Thursday, March 3, 2016, in Trenton, N.J. Christie said that he won’t heed calls from a handful of newspapers to resign and will continue helping Donald Trump’s campaign. “It wasn’t the kind of situation where I would be jumping up and down and smiling”.
Donald Trump celebrates his Super Tuesday victories in a speech in Palm Beach, Fla. “No, I wasn’t sitting up there thinking, ‘Oh my God, what have I done?’I was… supporting the person who I believe is the best person to beat Hillary Clinton or the remaining Republican candidates”. “In fact, Donald Trump is someone I think who has given a lot of opportunity to a lot of people of a lot of different backgrounds, and I disagree with Governor Romney on that one”.
“Next week there will be an Internet freakout about something else”, he said.
Even if New Jersey senators and assembly members did take action to remove the governor from office, Weingart says firing Christie would be impossible. The editorial said Christie spent 261 days outside New Jersey previous year as he pursued his presidential bid.
Christie said he isn’t surprised by the newspapers’ stance because they haven’t supported him in the past.
“I’ve made a choice”. Although he plans to travel out-of-state next week for a few days, it’s not in support of Trump, but rather to celebrate his 30th wedding anniversary with his wife, Mary Pat.
He said he doesn’t agree with Trump on everything, though he wasn’t specific.
“When he is here and he is engaged we get a lot done”, she said.
And, honestly, with Oregon’s primary more than two months away on May 17, all we can do at this point is sit back and watch. “We need to pass a lean and a smart budget this June that doesn’t raise taxes on the people of New Jersey”, he said.
“Christie is typically unwilling to share the spotlight with anyone”, she said.