Clinton, Sanders focus on economy in Democratic debate


Clinton also said she supports efforts by Michigan’s members of Congress to allocate federal money to the Flint response.

The FBI hasn’t told me I’m being investigated Michigan mayor says he was almost kicked out of Dem debate Ahead of Michigan, Clinton trains fire on Trump MORE, on the eve of the Michigan primary, called on the state’s voters to help wrap up the Democratic nomination so she can direct her focus on Republicans and the general. He voted against the money that ended up saving the auto industry. This was the decade when President Clinton led Democratic Party that backed a trade deals like NAFTA and GATT, welfare reform, repealing Glass-Steagall and a crime bill that many say has contributed to high African-American incarceration rates.
Sanders countered by saying: “I will be damned if it was the working people of this country who have to bail out the crooks on Wall Street”.
“Secretary Clinton supported virtually every one of the disastrous trade agreements written by corporate America”, Sanders said to cheers.
Clinton has a wide lead over Bernie Sanders, with 1,130 delegates compared to 499. “I went with them.
When Hillary Clinton was asked if she would ask Sanders to be her VP – she hesitated and then just said all she can concentrate on is what is next – tomorrow’s Michigan Primary.
An emotional Sanders said he felt “literally shattered” by the toxic tap water in Flint and renewed his call for Gov. Rick Snyder to resign.
Where he floundered: If Mr. Sanders were talking to another man, saying “Excuse me, I’m talking” wouldn’t be given a second thought.
Even though she has been critical of the governor, Sunday was the first time Clinton said Snyder should step resign “or be recalled”.
“If you are going to talk, tell the whole story, Senator Sanders“, she said.
JIM YOUNG/REUTERS Bernie Sanders pounced on Hillary Clinton for giving paid speeches to Wall Street firms. And when you look at totals for the race so far, including superdelegates pledged to Clinton, she has 1129 to 498 for Sanders.