Clinton, Sanders spar over Wall Street


On Sunday, Sanders and Clinton participated in a debate in Flint, Michigan, ahead of the state’s primary on Tuesday.

Sanders won the caucus due to large voter turnout across the state, defeating Clinton by a 2-to-1 margin. It was also the most opportune time for Sanders to make his case to the people of MI, where he lags behind Clinton by 17 points, according to a poll taken hours before the debate. “He was against the auto bailout”, Clinton said.
A handout photo provided by CNN shows US Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders during the CNN Democratic Presidential candidates’ debate, at the Whiting Auditorium in Flint on Sunday.
“Your story is voting for every disastrous trade agreement, and voting for corporate America”.
The two contenders cut each other off on several occasions, a rare occurrence in a race that has been much more polite than the raucous Republican presidential campaign.
Clinton, too, took the offensive early on but more often found herself fending off Sanders’ criticisms. “I will tell my story and you tell yours”.
“If you’re talking about the Wall Street bailout, where some of your friends destroyed this economy…” Ms. Clinton claims that she can stand up to Wall Street, yet she has charged hundreds of thousands of dollars for speeches to the companies.
“I voted to save the auto industry”, Clinton said.
“I believe that the recklessness, the greed and the illegal behavior of Wall Street drove this country into the worst economic downturn in the modern history of the United States of America”, he said “And I will be damned if it was the working people of this country who had to bail out the crooks on Wall Street”.
The debate was held in Flint to highlight the city’s water contamination crisis, and both candidates expressed outrage at Flint’s plight and demanded state and federal money begin to flow immediately to begin relief and rebuilding efforts.
“I will do whatever I can as the Democratic nominee to run a campaign you’ll be proud of”, she said. “There has to be absolute accountability”. Take the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, for example.
The governor has apologized to Flint residents, who have been dealing with high levels of lead in their water supply for almost two years.
Donald Trump said Saturday of Mrs. Clinton, “I am the one person that she does not want to run against”. She also sees it as a time when there was generally a strong economy.
Where he floundered: If Mr. Sanders were talking to another man, saying “Excuse me, I’m talking” wouldn’t be given a second thought. Unlike the Republicans, the Democrats award their delegates on a proportional basis throughout the nominating season.
A day after he won the caucuses in Kansas and Nebraska, Bernie Sanders won Maine’s caucuses on Sunday and assured his supporters that he still has “a path toward victory”, reports ABC News.
In the Republican race, Marco Rubio easily won Puerto Rico’s primary, beating billionaire Donald Trump. It is a must-win for Rubio in order to remain viable.