Clinton, Trump seek more wins on Super Saturday


Clinton has a lead of about 200 pledged delegates over Sanders, while Trump leads Cruz by around 100 delegates and is about 200 delegates ahead of the third place candidate Rubio. Though he outraised Clinton in January, Sanders ended the month with $14.7 million in the bank.

Clinton hoped that strong support among blacks in Louisiana would propel her to victory. Republicans also were voting in Louisiana on Saturday.
Unlike Bill Clinton, a southern Democrat, for whom the black vote was a sine qua non of his successful bids not just for the Presidency but for his gubernatorial runs in Arkansas, or Hillary herself, a Senator for NY for eight years.
“The map only gets friendlier for us after tonight”, Rubio told reporters during a trip to Puerto Rico, which holds a Republican primary on Sunday. On this night before the debate in Flint, Local 4 News asked Sanders how he would determine when it’s appropriate for the federal government to get involved in a state and local crisis like Flint water. Bernie Sanders had forwarded unrealistic proposals on college tuition and healthcare, two key differences between the Democratic presidential candidates. Sanders hasn’t launched any attacks on Clinton that would damage her in a general election campaign, and his challenges of her record have helped to introduce her to a new generation of Democrats who might be too young to remember the 1990s or even 2008. But he’s disillusioned with the big money in politics, and a supporter of Bernie Sanders.
“God bless Kansas. And God bless Maine”, Cruz said, and argued that his performance on Saturday represented an important pivot point in the GOP race.
Cruz was leading Trump by more than a 2-to-1 margin in partial returns in the Kansas caucuses, and held a narrower lead over the real estate mogul in the ME caucuses.
“If the big, fat GOP don’t like him, they don’t like me”.
Voting at Olathe South High School, Betty Nixon, 60, a retired insurance company manager and Army captain, voted for Trump to show her frustration with GOP elites. She likes what he says about closing the border, going after the Islamic State and his love for America. She said he wouldn’t be able to accomplish it and the comments offended her values.
Trump, the controversial NY billionaire who has opened a substantial lead in delegates over his presidential rivals, will be vying to rack up more wins in Republican contests in Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana and Maine.
Negotiated by President Barack Obama’s administration, TPP is particularly controversial on the left. “It means you can move out of your parents’ house”, he said to laughter from younger volunteers in the crowd.
“The bottom line is that a male candidate would never face this type of degrading coverage and twisted commentary”, Brock says.
Clinton said on trade the next president would need “judgment and experience” and she would not support any deal unless it creates good jobs, raises wages and protects the nation’s security.
Clinton had at least 1,117 delegates to Sanders’ 477, including superdelegates ” members of Congress, governors and party officials who can support the candidate of their choice. But she is now exchanging barbs with the Vermont senator and self-described democratic socialist. It would be nice to end the weekend knowing our state’s delegates are behind Sanders and Kasich, but I’m not sure that’s likely.