Cruz, Clinton Pick Up the Most Delegates in Saturday’s Contests


Trump said that Rubio had “a very, very bad night”, and said that it’s time for the race to be a two-man contest between him and Cruz. In the meantime real estate baron Donald Trump was projected by the Associated Press to win the Louisiana primary, although Cruz was closing the gap. Marco Rubio and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, to argue they have viability in the contest.

Trump boasted that his campaign is bringing “a tremendous outpouring of voters to the Republican Party”, and said it is time for the party to “come together and stop this foolishness”.
“I can tell you this: We’re going to work for every vote”, Clinton said.
Thirty-three Democratic delegates were at stake in Saturday’s caucuses, and Sanders captured 23, and Clinton, 10.
Rubio said the upcoming schedule of primaries would be “better for us”, and renewed his vow to win his home state of Florida, claiming all 99 delegates there on March 15. When asked to choose between Trump and Cruz, Republican senator Lindsey Graham – who dropped out of the race himself – said, “It’s like being shot or poisoned”.
Among Democrats, Sanders got a boost from wins in Kansas and Nebraska, adding to his wins in the region this past Super Tuesday in Colorado, Minnesota and Oklahoma.
Trump, speaking from Trump International in West Palm Beach, Florida, told reporters that he wants to take on Cruz one on one after Trump took the Louisiana primary and Kentucky caucuses Saturday night.
Writing in The Washington Post, Todd Zywicki noted Trump has fared will in open contests, where voters from either party could participate, while Cruz has fared better in those only open to Republicans, as was the contest in Kansas.
68-year-old Clinton, who seems set to be the first woman presidential nominee of a major political party, had a landslide win in Louisiana.
Five states held nominating contests on Saturday as Trump and Clinton looked to strengthen their leads in the battle to pick nominees for the November 8 presidential election to succeed President Barack Obama. Trump has questioned Cruz’s eligibility because he was born in Canada.
In Wichita, Democrats lined up down the block outside the machinists’ union headquarters to get in to caucus.
Clinton actually won more delegates than Sanders and maintains a significant lead in the delegate count, with 1,121 delegates compared to 479 for Sanders. Marco Rubio has 123 delegates and John Kasich has 34. As for Trump, Berry said, “he is a little too narcissistic”.
Voters in Kansas and Louisiana were casting their lot for the respective Republican and Democratic nominations in what was being referred to as “super Saturday”. Rand Paul would be able to run for the presidential nomination while hedging his bets and remaining in the state’s Senate race in case his presidential campaign stalled-out – which it did, several weeks ago.