Donald Trump: I want Cruz one-on-one


She and her husband were “Reagan Democrats” in the 1980s, eventually registering as Republicans in Louisiana.

“Let me tell you who was there at the battle: It was Ted Cruz”, Huelskamp said.
With the GOP race in chaos, establishment figures frantically are looking for any way to derail the billionaire businessman, perhaps at a contested convention if no candidate can get enough delegates to lock up the nomination in advance. Centrist candidate Romney won ME caucuses twice, in 2012 and 2008, but it was a disaster for the current establishment favorite Rubio, who finished fourth there Saturday.
The largest remaining delegate prize, Florida, is Sen. Marco Rubio came up short, raising serious questions about his viability in the race.
Trump and Cruz crossed paths at a caucus site in Wichita on Saturday morning, where each delivered abridged versions of their stump speech to potential supporters.
Cruz won in Kansas and Maine – Trump answered with victories in Louisiana and Kentucky. Sanders took both Kansas and Nebraska, however, the results will not substantially change Clinton’s big lead in delegates. Clinton hoped that strong support among African Americans in Louisiana would propel her to victory.
With Republican front-runner Trump yet to win states by the margins he’ll need in order to secure the nomination before the GOP convention, every one of the 155 GOP delegates at stake on Saturday was worth fighting for.
Cruz led with 51 per cent of ballots to Trump’s 24 per cent with 54 per cent of ballots counted, CNN reported. “If we stand united that’s how we win this primary thats how we win the general”.
But Trump dominated Cruz in the south on Super Tuesday outside of Texas.
“It’s the establishment. The establishment is against us”, Trump said. As for Trump, Berry said, “he is a little too narcissistic”. “We’re even making more (ballots) in case more people decide to attend”.
“It’s my opportunity to revolt”, said Betty Nixon, a 60-year-old Trump voter in Olathe, Kansas.
“Caucuses are hugely important”, she said.
The fallout from Saturday’s contests will again pitch the election forward, as Clinton and Trump’s rivals seek to keep them at bay by maximizing their delegate counts. But the majority of the state GOP’s top elected officials and rank-and-file activists were split between Cruz and Rubio. Trump leads in all self-identified political sub-groups, including “conservative Republicans” (41% vs. Cruz next at 31%), “moderate Republicans” (43% vs. Rubio in second at 25%), “Tea Party Republicans” (55% vs. Cruz next at 31%), “libertarians” (35% vs. Cruz in second at 31%), and “independents” (58% vs. Kasich next at 18%). Bernie Sanders could do well in numerous Midwestern states holding closed caucuses.
But Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders drew an enthusiastic crowd of several thousand people to a rally Thursday night in a livestock arena at the Douglas County Fairgrounds in Lawrence.
Several, including former U.S. Rep. Anne Northup of Louisville, state House Republican Leader Jeff Hoover of Jamestown, and state Senate Republican Leader Damon Thayer of Georgetown, publicly backed U.S. Sen.
“I think there’s a chance of that”, Republican consultant Matt Mackowiak told KVUE Wednesday.
Sanders is trying to overcome a delegate deficit against Hillary Clinton in the upcoming Democratic contests and the ad aims to reach new voters and Latinos. But Trump could still net the most delegates of the night with a big win in Louisiana. There are 109 at stake on Saturday.
Cruz also spoke gravely about the United States Supreme Court position left open by the late Antonin Scalia, who died unexpectedly last month. He’s hoping his emphasis on reducing income inequality plays well in a state hit hard over the years by shifting economic trends and globalization.
After Kansas, Trump led the overall race with at least 335 delegates and Cruz had at least 248. Rubio had 116 delegates and Kasich had 28. But it could further muddy the water if Ohio Gov. John Kasich swipes delegates from Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio. It takes 2,383 to win the Democratic nomination.