EgyptAir Flight 804 Vanished from Radar

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Early Thursday morning, EgyptAir reported that their Flight 804 disappeared from the radar. Flight 804 departed from Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris at 23:09 local time on Wednesday and was to arrived at Cairo at 03:00 local time on Thursday. Flight 804 was reported missing from the radar at 02:45 local time and cruising at 37,000 feet.

The Airbus A320 was ferrying 59 passengers and 10 crew.

“The aircraft vanished from radar detection just before entering Egyptian airspace,” said Ihad Raslan of the Egyptian civil aviation agency. On the other hand, the airline reported that the flight disappeared 10 miles (16 kilometers) after entering Egyptian airspace.

“Conditions were clear and calm when the plane crossed over the Mediterranean,” stated Michael Guy, a CNN meteorologist. The flight is said to have crashed into the ocean.

Recently in March, a man hijacked an EgyptAir plane and it was diverted to Cyprus. The Cypriot authorities confirmed the man as “psychologically unstable.” Another incident brought attention to Egypt is when a Russian passenger aircraft was exploded and crashed over the Sinai Peninsula. Islamic State claimed that they have blown the plane with an explosive device on board killing all 224 people.