Elite Delta Force Captures ISIS Operative in Iraq, US Officials Say


U.S. Special Operations forces captured their first suspected Islamic State operative in Northern Iraq in a secret mission led by the Army’s elite Delta Force.

“ISIS leadership and allied Sharia officials have made a decision to only keep prisoners whose cases could be negotiated with their families and clans to release them for ransoms”, al-Malla reported, quoting an ISIS security source in Mosul as saying. The officials who discussed the story asked not to be identified given what they called its operational sensitivity. “Any detention would be short-term and coordinated with Iraqi authorities”.
He would eventually be handed over to Iraqi or Kurdish officials.
The militant has been in custody in Iraq for about two to three weeks.
An American Special Ops unit captured a significant ISIS fighter in Iraq, but its plans for the operative following his imminent interrogation don’t appear very solid.
The agreement followed talks in NY between Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni and USA and Iraqi officials, the ministry said in a statement. “You may have noticed an uptick in special operations meant to capture, interrogate and gather materials that will give us greater insights in the network”, said Lt. Gen. Vincent Stewart, Defense Intelligence Agency director.
Defence Department officials say the commandos, referred to at the Pentagon as a “specialised expeditionary targeting force”, will nearly certainly increase the amount of intelligence on ISIS available to the USA, including information about operations extracted from laptops and cellphones. Roger Cabiness, a Pentagon spokesman, told Anadolu Agency.
No ISIS operatives will be sent to Guantanamo Bay, either, in light of Obama’s recent proposal to congress that the controversial military prison be closed for good.
Jeff Chiu/AP U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced in December that the U.S. military was sending “specialized expeditionary targeting forces” to Iraq.
The jihadi boss was seized in a raid last month.
He said the targeting force was “in position” and “having an effect and operating”.