EU outlines plan to save open borders, cajoles Turkey


Tusk was careful to single out illegal economic migrants for possible deportation, not asylum seekers.

“Prime Minister Davutoglu also confirmed Turkey’s readiness to take back all migrants apprehended in Turkish waters”, Tusk said.
He is scheduled to meet with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday.
First hit would be the transport and tourism sectors, as well as the people who commute to work daily across borders. “The inevitable effect of this is that Greece increasingly becomes a camp for refugees and migrants“, the United Nations envoy for worldwide migration Peter Sutherland told a news conference in Geneva.
The UN has warned of a looming humanitarian crisis on the Greek-Mace-donia border, where aid agencies have reported a lack of food and tents and warned that the wintry weather is taking a toll on people’s health.
The statuettes were found last November in a transit migrant camp that has hosted hundreds of thousands of Syrian and Iraqi refugees.
“All that we have achieved in the last 60 years is at stake and we have to do what we can to uphold and safeguard these achievements”, he said.
Curator Peter Turk said Friday that the Oscar-sized alabaster statuettes date back to the Sumerian civilization which inhabited present-day Syria and Iraq. The two countries’ rich cultural heritage has been damaged and plundered during years of conflict, with many items ending up on the black market.
The tensions are being felt all along the migrants’ and refugees’ journey to Western Europe.
However, JPMorgan Chase said in a note to clients the direct impact of an imposition of selective border controls, more likely than a complete lockdown, would be “small in business cycle terms”. Denmark on Thursday renewed its checks for another month.
The European Commission wants to lift all internal border controls by the end of the year. This is as much a crisis of European solidarity as it is a refugee crisis. “Half of my family had the same stamps in their passports, but they let them in”. Back then, I witnessed an incredible willingness to help by the Austrian public. Macedonian police fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of migrants who stormed the border from Greece on Monday. They make their way, sometimes on foot, through the Balkans and onwards. “I’m not moving from here”.
“There is an overwhelming state of confusion”, our correspondent said.
“At Monday’s summit, Greece will demand that burden sharing be equitable among all countries in the bloc, and sanctions for those that do not”, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said after meeting Tusk.
“We already have readmission agreements with Greece, Bulgaria and other countries and we are preparing to sign others”.
Earlier, Greece’s prime minister called for sanctions to be imposed on European Union states that refuse to take in their fair share of refugees. “The measures aim to curb the influx of refugees”. But he insisted that the solution can only be temporary, and Greece will accept no more than its fair share of refugees who seek permanent residency.
“It is all for nothing”, he said.
Croatia’s government has proposed to Parliament to amend a law that would allow the army to be deployed to the country’s borders to tackle the migration crisis.
A girl wrapped in a survival blanket looks on as migrants and refugees arrive on the Greek island of Lesbos while crossing the Aegean Sea from Turkey on March 2, 2016, in Mytilene.
Diplomatic efforts have also done little to relieve the human misery along the Greek-Macedonia border where conditions worsened after a night of driving rain and plummeting temperatures.
“If there were to be a target figure, it would be zero”, one European Union official said, noting that 1,000 people a day would mean an unsustainable 350,000 people a year arriving in Greece.